XBOX One X’s VR future appears over before it began

XBOX One XAfter pushing the XBOX One X as the next generation of consoles capable of handling the high processor demands of VR, 4K, and beyond… it looks like that VR part isn’t going to happen according to an interview with Microsoft’s Chief Marketing Officer.

Which makes sense in context – the XBOX is hooked to a TV, chances are you’re going to want to look at the TV. Phones and PCs are more of an open arena of development and that’s sort of their thing at the moment.

This is quite a turn from the original presentation for Project Scorpio at E3 in 2016 in which the console was presented as being powerful to tackle high fidelity VR.

This does make me wonder what the future of Vive and Microsoft will be. Buddies still or is everything that HTC touched going to crumble?

Then again, this could just be a temporary pause in development strategies, or perhaps it’s true that Sony’s Playstation has finally definitively won the console wars. Alternately, maybe everyone’s just working on their own thing and it’s a good thing for everyone involved and we should be happy.

But probably not.

Would have been nice to see the XBOX One X having games types developed for it that we expected were going to be. After watching comparison videos of various games slightly better graphics between the One, One S, and One X, I’ve found little reason to want to upgrade.

Oh yeah, about that thing you thought you were buying this console would do… yeahhhhhhh about that…. we were just using buzzwords and stuff.

I never thought I would end up applying the Phone and Gadget mantra to the XBOX, but buy the product for what it does now, not what some PR person tells you it will do in the future. There’s next to no repercussions when companies do this.

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