As Prime Day comes to a close, remember…

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While everyone is all hopped up on Amazon’s discounted items and consumer goods, let us not forget the true meaning of Prime day – a celebration/remembrance of when a dying Optimus Prime handed over the Matrix to Hot Rod, who then became Rodimus Prime, and ultimately defeated Omicron. In a movie that left millions of kids wondering why Optimus had to die.

Also remember a franchise that realized its mistakes and rather quickly returned Optimus to the living.

Lo, these 31 years have passed, and Michael Bay refuses to run off the Transformer Reboot’s stage like he did at CES, but these memories sting as much as they did when I saw Transformers: The Movie back in 1986.

Transformers the Movie

So on this Prime Day, remember the true meaning of sacrifice, friendship, and then realizing killing a beloved kids character off and traumatizing a generation wasn’t a particularly good idea, and rebooting him in the animated series and getting rid of Rodimus Prime was probably the best we could hope for.

Rodimus Prime
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If you can’t stream it for your Prime Day celebration, grab a copy of it for next year.

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