eMeet M2 OfficeCore Bluetooth speakerphone review

The eMeet M2 OfficeCore is an updated version of the eMeet M1 OfficeCore bluetooth speakerphone we reviewed a while back.

eMeet M2 OfficeCore Bluetooth speakerphoneTo start off, the eMeet M2 is a Bluetooth speakerphone with multiple microphones that uses far field voice recognition technology combined with an adaptive AI to filter out the background noise and just get the voices and not Frank tapping his fingers on the table like a crazy person.

There is not a lot different that immediately sets itself apart from the predecessor M1. I couldn’t tell any difference in audio-out quality (I feel like they used the same speaker, audio sounds about the same, it’s good.)

Differences between the eMeet M1 and eMeet M2

The differences I could locate include that both claim 12 hours talk time, although the M2 has a smaller battery coming in at 2500mAh vs 5200mAh for the M1, and it lists as charging at 1 amp vs the 2amp charge of the M1. The M2 also drops the ability to be a power bank for your phone in the event you need it.

eMeet M1 meet eMeet m2
eMeet M1 meet eMeet m2

That listed, unless you’re needing a power bank, the lighter M2 may be worth it considering the charge time for 2500 at 1amp is less than the charge time for 5200 at 2amp, and they both boast 12 hour times.

Product specs list the M2 as one ounce heavier than the M1, however it’s noticeably lighter so perhaps that’s including packaging? Do not know on this one. Weight is different enough to feel, but both are pretty light.

Both of the eMeets use the OfficeCore software for AI translation, we’re not going into that in this review as it’s not particularly useful for my purposes. The software has one kind of neat thing to mention and that’s translation. Not great, but neat.

The M2 lists four directional mics, the M1 had six directional and one up top. That said, the lower-mic’d M2 picks things up better in my opinion. Fewer, in this case, is more.

The M2 doesn’t have the carrying case.

The M2 adds the ability to run a 3.5mm line in/out. Not entirely sure what the use case is here on the line-out, but it exists and I’m sure there’s a reason for it.

eMeet M2 in action

eMeet M2 OfficeCore Bluetooth speakerphoneWhile I can’t tell any difference in the audio out quality, the audio in pickup seemed to be better. I did a test where I used Cinema FV-5 Lite using the eMeet M2 as the Bluetooth audio source and walked around it outside. It did surprisingly good at filtering out the background noise and picking me up at about 10 feet away from it outdoors.

Above 12 feet it lost it outside. That said, if you’re further away than 12 feet, and you’re outside, I don’t think you need a conference speakerphone, I think you need to rent a boardroom. If you do rent a boardroom, they claim 26 foot far field voice pickup.

I’ve mentioned many times I absolutely hate trying to evaluate quality of a device by how a phone call goes. There’re too many variables, however we decided to call a landline (grandma,) with the kids and were able to have a shockingly easy to understand call.

Two kids who couldn’t stay still could be heard by grandma even if they were on the other side of the room, or the next room, and I could talk without having to resort to Cell Phone Scream. The only sort of issue was I could not have an aside with one of the kids as it got picked up too well.

Several other call results went along the lines of “oh, I totally couldn’t tell you were on a speakerphone.”

Battery life, honestly can’t say how long I’ve been on the thing. I’m thinking between calls and music we’re at over 12 hours on one charge, but I have failed at metricing that.

eMeet M2 as a music speaker

eMeet M2 OfficeCore Bluetooth speakerphoneIt’s nice, sounds the same as the M1, which sounds the same as the Jabra 710 to me. If someone told me they were the same speaker I wouldn’t doubt it. It’s nice, but it’s a mono speaker with no directional focus so it does what it can. Sounds ok. You’re not purchasing this for a music speaker.

Time to be a bummer

I can’t have any review without a little negativity in it. Documentation is pretty meh, I’m not a fan of the OfficeCore software from last time, and the lack of being able to charge my phone while on a conference call feels like a letdown from the M1.

The lack of a carrying case also feels kind of a step down, but whatever.


Having played with the best wired conference speakers on the planet, this is not quite them. That said, this is wireless, portable, several thousand less than what I’ve played with. It’ll do for pretty much any portable conference speaker needs. You probably won’t be disappointed.

You can grab the eMeet M2 for about $190

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