THEC64 Mini brings the C64 and 64 classic games back to life

theC64 MiniIf you have fond memories of the Commodore 64, well, much like all your childhood it’s being repacked in a smaller footprint and sold back to you (would you like a side of Gobots with that?). October 9th is listed as the North American release date, although it appears there are some EU imports which Amazon has 16 in stock if you can’t wait for the North American release.

THEC64 Mini is a 50% replica of the original system, pre-loaded with 64 games, powered by C64 BASIC and USB, plug in a keyboard and it’s a… hold on while I stifle a laugh… “fully functional home computer”… phew, hard to say that with a straight face since 1996. But yeah, it’s a C64 in a small footprint and looks like you can also download *.c64 games if you can find them.

The keyboard portion of this does not work, should be pointed out pretty early on. You can slap a USB keyboard onto it and you’ve got a functioning C64.

While I never owned one, I did co-sysop on a couple of BBSs in Nashville that ran on them, and occasionally played some of the games and cursed my TRS-80 CoCo 2’s lack of stuff.

Assuming the Amazon Price is right THEC64 Mini will be priced at $129.99. This is a bargain when you consider that in 1982 it was introduced at $595. Mathing it up that’s about an eleventh of the cost accounting for 36 years inflation.

Should you want to play some C64 masterpieces, but not make us 6% commission, there are plenty of emulators on Google Play.

Or you know, buy it. Use it as a learning toy. Back in my day, we had to LOAD and RUN our “apps” – none of this fancy open button stuff.

Once again, the link provided here is for the import version, guessing the North American version will be showing on October 9th.

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