CHOETECH 72W Multi-Port Charger Review – Power Delivery at Its Finest

I’ve been using a CHOETECH multi-port charger for a few years now. I reviewed the Quick Charge 2.0 version back in 2016 and other editors have covered various CHOETECH products over the years. I’ve found that CHOETECH is a brand that delivers fine products at good value and stands out among the myriad no-name manufacturers of charging products on Amazon. So, that brings us to today’s subject, their newest multi-port charger that supports 60W Power Delivery charging.


As is typical with CHOETECH products, this charger is solidly built. It has a good weight and it’s solid construction is an indicator of the care that CHOETECH’s engineers and designers take with their products. The charger has four ports – one USB-C 60 Watt Power Delivery and three USB-A standard charging ports that share 12 Watts. Each port is fine and cables plugged into them hold fast. There’s no wiggling or give. There’s a 1.5 meter wall plug which should provide plenty of length for most situations. Certainly for bedside or desktop applications it should suffice.

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I’ll really only focus on the Power Delivery port and it’s performance. It’s rated at 60 Watts which is more than enough to max out charging speeds for most PD smartphones and devices on the market. I tested with the Pixel 2XL and compared charging speeds with the Pixel 2 XL’s bundled 18 Watt PD charger. I’m pleased to say that the CHOETECH met the Google charger Watt for Watt.

0 minutes5%5%
+30 minutes44%43%
+60 minutes78%78%
+90 minutes92%91%
+120 minutes96%96%
+140 minutes100%100%

Devices that support higher Wattages will pull up to the full 60 Watts the charger offers. For example, the Huawei Matebook X Pro supports 65 Watt Power Delivery charging but will only negotiate 45 Watts from the CHOETECH (15V/3A). That’s still a pretty quick charge.

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I’m very pleased with this CHOETECH charger. I’d happily recommend the CHOETECH 72 W multi-port charger. As more devices support Power Delivery standards it will only be more valuable. Even Apple’s iPhone X supports PD. At only $35 on Amazon, this is a great product.


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