Updated: Did something change with Google Voice and Sprint or is it just me?

Since I got booted off of Sprint’s Google Voice integration I’ve been simply forwarding my no-answer and busy to my Google Voice number. Google Voice then dumps it to voicemail, it’s transcribed, and I can read that it’s yet another company trying to sell me fake health insurance.

Update: Something did change with Google Voice.

This weekend something changed. Ambiguous enough statement, I know. I’ve got no answers so this is more of a “‘Sup? you havin’ this issue?” piece.

In the past I call my normal Sprint number, (cell) ring ring ring ring ring slight delay and (Google Voice) voicemail. Today I got into work and it was (cell) ring ring (work phone) ring ring ring ring (Sprint) voicemail.

My first thought was that the call forwarding had changed on Sprint’s side, so I broke out the handy dandy Sprint Call Forwarding FAQ and…  “the number or code you dialed is incorrect, please check the number or code and try again.” In the voice I’ve always associated with non-Sprint carriers.

I work my way through *72, *73, *74 and all return the same. I even try #72, #73, #74. All of these failing I check back to when I set it up, nope, that’s what I did. I asked Sprint’s Twitter team if anything was up and they direct me to DM where I asked the same thing and link the FAQ and now they have asked me if I’m attempting to forward a phone…

Yeah… T-Mobile, save us.

I did some digging and verify that the number coming into my work email is actually being forwarded by Google. I then logged into Google Voice and it’s now set to forward incoming calls to my work and my personal cell phone. I have not logged into Google Voice settings in several months.

This is why it’s bypassing GV voicemail and going to Sprint’s. Unchecking that suddenly voicemail goes to the correct location again.

Unchecking that also appears to stop the two-ring and then forward issue. This should be completely unrelated, but it happened. I made several calls to my phone and after two rings it started ringing my work phone, right after I unchecked on Google Voice the forwarding, it worked normally again.

So yeah, anyone else suddenly find call forwarding on Sprint not working and Google Voice acting strange or is it just me?

If I were to smoke something I’d say they’re experimenting on reintegrating Google Voice with Sprint (and T-Mobile hopefully,) and I got caught in the experiment.

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4 thoughts on “Updated: Did something change with Google Voice and Sprint or is it just me?

  • Hrmm, they’re saying at Sprint that you have to dial the entire thing *72forwardingnumber which is not what it says in the faq, so that’s probably the sprint side. That answer took… three hours.

    • Yup, back then it was “*74, press send/call, you’ll get a voice prompt to enter the number you want to go to, enter your 10 digit Google Voice number followed by the pound key.” unless I wrote that wrong. Now the rep is saying it’s all one dial…

      Going to get off of this tower and try elsewhere.

  • It’s been *72ForwardingNumber for me for at least a couple years. Never had a problem. Google Voice has been very solid for me. I try to enter that in every time I wipe or get a new phone though I’m not sure if I have to do that every time.

    • Interesting – my notes, the article I wrote, and the Sprint FAQ all say to simply dial *72, *73, or *74 from your phone. My notes specifically said I got a prompt to enter the phone num after.

      While I’m fine being wrong, it is odd the Sprint FAQ lists just dialing three digits and makes no mention of adding the rest.


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