Elepawl active noise cancelling headphone review (30% off coupon)

Elepawl active noise cancelling headphoneThe Elepawl Active Noise Cancelling headphones are a wired, or wireless set of earphones that deliver up to 30 hours of playtime off of its 800mAh battery while actively working to cancel out exterior noise.

I’ll start off with that they sound perfectly acceptable for a ~$60-80 active noise cancelling headphone. Features such as NFC make them easy to pair and just get going. They charge fairly quickly from dead to full and then just last and last.

Bluetooth and active noise cancelling will probably chop down that theoretical 30 hours of use, however I’m not entirely sure how much as my entire use time at this point is around 18 hours. I was asked to get this up in a timeframe, and therefore this is an 18 hour / approx 9 day review.

There are things I like

  • The fit is comfortable
  • The sound is really good wired and wireless
  • Active noise cancelling really works to fade the world out
  • Controls are pretty simple
  • NFC pairing is a nice addition

Elepawl active noise cancelling headphoneThings I don’t

  • Walking with these on causes booming sounds
  • Documentation mixes up L/R
  • Down volume is the top rocker, up volume is down.
  • Can’t feel where any of the controls are as they’re smooth
  • Switch is off/Active Noise/On – can’t easily do it by feel
  • Accidentally turned off a couple of times trying to turn off ANC
  • Choice of finish makes these look extremely dirty very fast

The other reviews

I feel I should stress that I actually like these because I complain about a lot of things. Evidently a lot of people on Amazon also actually like these. The reviews were so generally positive (71% 5-star, 20% 4-star,)  I broke out fakespot to see if it thought they were fake. It believes that out of 82 reviews that over 90% were high quality reviews (real people reviewing).

So I looked at the 9% of people “meh” and below. 2/4 1-star reviews I’m discarding for early production run issues, another because I don’t think they’re factually correct. The only bad 1-star review involves not being able to wear these around other people as they can hear what you hear. I will test this later.

Elepawl active noise cancelling headphone

Two 2-star reviews indicate it has no bass and hurts your ears. My ears did not hurt. I do however agree that the bass goes away a little when you’re using noise cancelling.

The two 3-star reviews are just odd.

Elepawl active noise cancelling headphones overall

Pretty decent consumer grade active noise cancelling headphones. They’re not astounding, but they work well, are comfortable (for me at least,) and I think most non-audiophiles will find them reasonable as long as there’s not a lot of walking involved.

We were given a coupon code to pass out, make sure to use it:

promo code: NTH9QNWH
Discount: 30% off should make it $48.99

Let me know if it doesn’t work.

The Elepawl active noise cancelling headphones are available from Amazon for $69.99 (Amazon Smile link)


The Elepawl unboxing was to mark Pocketables moving back into some video on the Pocketables YouTube channel. A set was crafted, lighting was made, filmed the unboxing and found out the camera shut off three minutes into a nine minute unboxing/initial test. So yeah. Product photos coming later today hopefully. They’re also sitting on that camera, at home, turned off.

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