Some other neat additions for Google Assistant/Home

There were some other things that came out of some of the Google Assistant/Home updates that I did not discover and cannot confirm, but here are what some others are seeing:

Many features lately seem to roll out to some, roll back when it’s discovered the broke something, then roll back out in a different form.

Telling Google Home to turn on the lights on some units will now only turn on the lights in that room rather than every single light. This is claimed by a couple of blogs, but if I ask the Google Home in my living room to turn on the lights all of them kick on. If you want the old functionality and have the new, the new command to turn everything off is simply “turn off all the lights.”

Google Assistant has some more visual details including slider bars for air conditioners and light brightness. Also not rolled out to me yet. This is most likely aimed at their new overly expensive displays but it works on some Assistants.

You may now be able to stop an alarm on Google Home 1 from any other Assistant device. No more trudging to the dungeon to cancel an alarm. Especially useful when you’re trying to convince someone you’ve abandoned them in the dark.

Playing music from your personal library, which worked for many, may no longer work unless you say something like “Play Mayan Pilot from my library” Evidently that feature is rolling in and out like the tide.



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