Do magnetic cable break navigation? Dodocool magnetic cable DA125S-4

It’s been on my mind since I first seen magnetic cables online. Would the magnetic tip disrupt the navigation? I finally get to answer this question with the Dodocool magnetic cable DA125S-4. I got the cable and the USB-C and micro-USB connector, it’s time to find out.

Dodocool magnetic cable DA125S-4

Dodocool magnetic cable DA125S 4 03 - for some reason we don't have an alt tag here I got a nicely braided, soft silver USB cable and two connectors: USB-C and microUSB. The backwards compatibility of the cable means I have to live with the USB 2.0 standard, despite it sporting the USB-C connector.

It’s not ideal but keeps the cost low and the cable can be used for data connection with other (microUSB compatible) devices. The Dodocool magnetic cable DA125S-4 is after all a power and data cable, so you will be able to charge your various devices and transfer the data with USB 2.0 speeds.

Dodocool magnetic cable DA125S-4 – the connectors

The main feature of the cable is the magnetic connector. It’s strong enough to attach quickly and even hold the phone in the air (providing you do this gently) but you won’t be using it as a makeshift sling, as cable detaches easily when the force is applied from a different angle.

The cable snaps back from about 2-3cm (an inch) and the connector should not disturb you while being plugged into the phone. Both, the microUSB and the USB-C versions were a bit finicky to remove, making it probably very hard to misplace once plugged in.

A great addition is a LED which is placed on both sides of the cable. It gives you an instant feedback that the cable is connected and ready to use.Dodocool magnetic cable DA125S 4 01 - for some reason we don't have an alt tag here

My favourite use cases of Dodocool magnetic cable DA125S-4

I have a couple of scenarios where the cables were very useful. My favourite uses so far are:

  • car mount
  • the night charger
  • microUSB headphones
  • at the desk for quick charging

Note that I can use the microUSB connector to drive the sound or just charge the Bluetooth enabled Sennheiser PXC550. I prefer the charging scenario as if I move too far the cable detaches and the sound is no longer disconnected.Dodocool magnetic cable DA125S 4 02 - for some reason we don't have an alt tag here

The cable is not best suited for anything other than stationary use. Charging and playing with my phone got the Dodocool magnetic cable DA125S-4 disconnected more times than I could count.


The Dodocool magnetic cable DA125S-4 has been provided to me for the purpose of the review. As usual, with all my reviews I reserve the right to an honest critique of the product.

Priced under $10 ($4.99 per additional connector) the cable is a very attractive offer for anyone looking to ease their plug in or out moments. The Dodocool magnetic cable DA125S-4 is well made, lightweight and super easy to snap to the phone/device. I only wish the cable would be available in a longer than 1.2m version. And to answer the question from the title of this article, the cable does not make you run in circles. You can use it with Google Maps freely! You can grab these from:

Amazon UK
Amazon US

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4 thoughts on “Do magnetic cable break navigation? Dodocool magnetic cable DA125S-4

    • Nope. I think modern compass apps use the GPS positioning as well to determine the orientation. Not only magnetic field sensor. Which makes sense as the magnets inside the phone speakers could be enough to throw off the reading

      • Uses GPS when driving, not when walking and not when stuck in traffic or just looking at the map. Phone speakers are magnetically shielded and far enough from the magnetic compass to not interfere.
        I’d be interested if when you use this if a compass app gets thrown off as I use the magnetic compass quite often when walking around somewhere to figure out which way is north or what direction I’m facing.

        I’ve also used the magnetic sensor quite a few times as a metal detector (honestly this is how I found where my cast iron pipes were buried in the yard)

        My guess is it’s not going to however.

        • I downloaded 3 different compass apps, all reported correct values when stationary and when rotating around. I assume the magnetic sensor is being calibrated before the read out to adjust for the existing forces?
          Works well, – side note – the magnet on the USB-C connector is much weaker then the cable one.


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