Eliminate Google Home Mini cable mess with an AMORTEK outlet wall mount

AMORTEK Outlet Wall Mount Holder for Google Home MiniHave I mentioned I have a few Google Homes and Google Home Minis? Yes? OK. I love my Google Homes, but I don’t particularly like yet another device with yet another cord to look at.

The medium sized Google Homes I’ve got placed nicely, but the Home Minis just look terrible no matter what I do with them. I’ve got one Mini in the kitchen for helping with recipes and bourbon, and one in my daughter’s room for unlimited Kidz Bop, broadcast, and telling her lame ass jokes.

Hey Google, Broadcast “Hey Maggie, you know why you can’t guess what’s for dinner tonight? Because it’s imPastable…”

OK, so, long and short of the AMORTEK outlet wall mount is it’s a piece of plastic crafted to perfectly hold your Google Home Mini power adapter and the Home Mini itself.

The excess wire you attempt to neatly wrap around the back, get frustrated with, and eventually just shove it all in so it hides the wires and nobody else will know your wiring shame.

AMORTEK Outlet Wall Mount Holder for Google Home Mini review

There’s not too much to review, it’s a piece of plastic, it didn’t break nor feel like it would while I was putting the device in. I’m personally happy my Google Home Mini in the kitchen no longer looks like this:

Google Home Mini before

Above photo is where my Home Mini has had to hang out in the past in order to be useful in the kitchen as there were no shelves and every flat surface is used for something other than useful technology.

AMORTEK Outlet Wall Mount Holder for Google Home Mini

AMORTEK Outlet Wall Mount Holder for Google Home Mini

You can get an AMORTEK Outlet Google Home Mini holder at Amazon for $8.99

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