Just in case you didn’t know, there’s a run on PS4 Pros. Thanks Spider Man.

Playstation 4 Pro Spiderman bundle

Just in case you didn’t know it and want to be part of the problem or a profiteer, the release of Marvel’s Spider Man has PS4 Pros sold out and on backorder all over the States. The Spiderman limited edition which is available for $399 at Best Buy and Target is now on backorder everywhere I’ve checked, and you can find it for up to double the price online.

Costco Christmas in September

Should you have purchased one and be attempting to make a few bucks, some are going for $579 on Amazon, Some are a more reasonably priced $80 over MSRP and won’t ship for weeks, when the reseller gets them in for the original base price more or less.

Along with the Christmastime style console price jacking and profiteering online, Costco has put out their Christmas decor. Only 104 more shopping days until Christmas, and 50 more until Halloween.

That’s all. Someone get me a PS4 Pro and Spiderman… I’ve uh, got a review to do or something.


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2 thoughts on “Just in case you didn’t know, there’s a run on PS4 Pros. Thanks Spider Man.

  • Avatar of Nik Popa

    GameStop told my son that there was only one “run” .. .smh.. . They also only got, said, first run equal to that of pre-order … And to go home and cry… LOL

    • This whole run is kind of absurd – people are selling them on Amazon for a 70% markup. It’s like Playstation 4 Pro Christmas.


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