Oregon Law makes it illegal to use a mobile device while driving

Dodocool 10W Fast Wireless Car Charging DockStarting next month the state of Oregon has laws going into effect that make it illegal to operate a mobile device for any purpose while driving.

Driving being defined as not parked, in the driver’s seat, on a road, etc. It’s designed to stop people texting and driving, or any sort of distracted driving.

The law makes it illegal to touch a phone, talk to the phone, tap your Google Navigation updated route indication to avoid that five hour backup, etc. Reading over it it also may be illegal to talk at the phone or look at it.

What’s interesting with this is ORS 811.507 2(b) seems to indicate you can’t use a mobile device for any purpose unless your employment requires it.

Here’s a good line

(d) “Using a mobile electronic device” includes but is not limited to using a mobile electronic device for text messaging, voice communication, entertainment, navigation, accessing the Internet or producing electronic mail.”

So I guess Oregonians can say goodbye to Google Maps before Google figures out some way to kill it for us.

There’s several pages you can read over, it’s interesting. There are exemptions for many existing govt services and commercial interests, and oddly Ham radio operators.

Give the new law a read here

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