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Pocketables Ultimate Live Streaming Guide (US edition)

Cutting the cordHey all, as some of you know I cut the cord after years nibbling at it. One of the biggest challenges I faced when ditching Comcast, then ditching DirecTV, was figuring out where to get the like five broadcast/network channels I actually pay any attention to that broadcast stuff at set times.

TL;DR – this is a useful comparison spreadsheet, there’s pricing down below. It will be continually updated. Skip down to spreadsheet.

Data last updated October 25, 2018.

What is this? It’s a sexy live streaming spreadsheet!

I couldn’t find a head to head comparison that listed all the streaming services, channels they streamed, and what plan cost what. I found plenty of things saying this, that, or the other was the best plan, but nothing that allowed me to group the channels I wanted and pick a service of of them. I wanted a spreadsheet. DATA RAGE.

So yeah, here’s a spreadsheet containing several different live streaming sites I’ve been putting together over the last week. I realize some of these have packages I have not listed, and I’m sure there are a couple of services I have missed. Feel free to point those out in the comments. Also as nobody just lists out the names of the channels I made a guess on a few. Feel free to laugh at my guesses.

Cord cutting subheading – because SEO!

This spreadsheet will be updated with fancy graphics and colors and those other things that make it look a little less nerdy later on. You’re welcome to use the data from the sheet, just please link back to us if you publish it elsewhere. Data will be maintained here as things update and I’ll start putting an “updated on” as the time comes.

We have no deals with any of these streaming services, they’re not in any order to promote or demote them. They’ll eventually be alphabetical.

I also realize that the display below somewhat terrible, which is why you can click or tap this line and be directed to the spreadsheet (with note commentary in places,) on Google Sheets.

Live TV Streaming Plan pricing, more or less

YouTube TV $40 a month
Sling: Blue or Orange $25. Both $40. Sports Extra $5 (Orange,) or $10 (blue)
DirecTV Now Live a Little $40
DirecTV Now Just Right $55
DirecTV Now Go Big $65
DirecTV Gotta Have It $75
Hulu Live TV $39.99
PS VUE Access $44.99
PS VUE Core $49.99
PS VUE Elite $?
PS VUE Ultra $79.99 (includes HBO and Showtime)
Philo 40 $16.00
Philo 49 $20.00
Fubo $39.99 1st month, $44.99 after
Fubo Extra $44.99 1st month, $49.99 after
Fubo Cycling +$11.99
Fubo Intl Sports +$5.99
Fubo Adventure +$4.99
Fubo Showtime +$10.99
Fubo Portuguese +$14.99
Fubo Mundo Plus +$5.99
Fubo Latino +$12.99

Extremely long disclaimer

All above info put together with small children occasionally running around screaming so don’t make any life choices without double checking my work. Today’s also my 9th wedding anniversary, which reminded me that if I’d managed to lose the E! network during the transition, it wouldn’t be.

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One thought on “Pocketables Ultimate Live Streaming Guide (US edition)

  • This has been updated with most of Sliing’s $5 add-ons. I’ll get the international and Spanish packages later as some research is going to have to happen on my end to figure out names.


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