Something new comes: The DigiCase

DigiCaseThe DigiCase is a phone case with a second screen on the back of the phone. Dual screen phones are not a new thing, but a case that provides a second screen on demand is.

The small Australian startup will be launching on Kickstarter this October, and even though we’ve pretty much sworn off Kickstarter coverage because almost all of it goes south, this little product was the something new that I’ve been looking for.

Why would I need a second screen?

  • Have you ever tried giving a Slides or PowerPoint presentation on your phone? No ideal but you can now.
  • Have kids, want to eat your food in peace while each watches a show separated by a table?
  • Want to use the usually much higher quality rear camera to take a selfie?
  • Want to work on something while your kid is watching the PJ Masks?
  • Want to really piss off your friend who paid absurd amounts for a nearly bezelless phone?
  • Customize your phone case with a logo or picture.

What details are there?

Not a whole lot now. They’ve made a prototype for a Samsung Galaxy, the press release (linked below,) is pretty spartan, there’s a patent pending although there’s another product similar enough for a PDA back a few years ago that I think it might fail. But who knows?

When can I get one?

We’ll have details on October 15th, 2018 on Kickstarter. Pricing, timeline, etc are not known.

You can check out DigiCase on their Facebook page, or check out their press release below. As of this writing I have no good Xzibit screen meme so this one will have to do.

Screen under your screen

DigiCase press release

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