Urban Armor Gear Galaxy Note 9 case somewhat review

Urban Armor Gear Note 9 Monarch caseWe’ll do an interesting “review” here. I have the cases, and I have used their Monarch case in the past both on my Note 8, and on friend’s iPhones. In both instances I was extremely pleased, and it remains my primary case to this day on the Note 8.

I was under the impression we would have a Note 9 to play with by this point, and have the phone to wrap with the case. Urban Armor Gear sent me a case on that assumption.

I was incorrect, and as such I’ve got a Monarch case for the Note 9 sitting in my office getting hit on things for the past month or so. Doesn’t look like the Note 9 is coming to Pocketables, oh well.

So, impressions (off of a phone,) – same as the Note 8, which has been great. The iPhones that have it have survived (you have no idea how many iPhones my friends go through). It’s a nice case. It’s not a cheap case, but it is a nice one.

Side view on the Note 8 is perfect, and were I in possession of the Note 9 I’m assuming it would be perfect as well.

So yeah, if you want one, they’re $59.95 on Urban Armor Gear’s website. I suggest getting one. They’re cool.

Also if you’re in Nashville and want a Note 9 case, drop me a line.

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