Fed up with phone spam? Block unknown callers.

What might be a ZTE phone brokenI’ve been on the Do Not Call Registry since its inception, and I use Should I Answer which works pretty well to give me some more information on known spammers and known good actors.

That said, I’m still getting roughly 11 phone calls a day from robocallers picking a random phone number to display (currently a 1000 block in New Jersey is the main offender).

This plus callers asking if I have IRS debt make the phone ringing a 95% chance of just being garbage.

They start calling at about 8am and usually stop sometime around 9pm, text messages asking about IRS debt, open health enrollment, and Sprint’s inability to do anything to stop callers, means most of my notifications are garbage.

Changing my number sounds like a dream, unfortunately I have a very memorable phone number associated with

So I blocked ’em. Most phones will let you block unknown callers in the settings of the phone dialer, but if not you can get any number of call checking apps (I’m using Should I Answer,) and you’ll be able to block a little more granularly (such as if this is a positively rated caller.)

I still get a notification these bums are attempting to contact me, and I guess I might be missing calls from people who are too stressed out to leave a message, but oh well. Everyone important is in my contacts, and if they’re not I’m probably not in a rush to talk with them.

Being on call 24/7 with work, I’ve got all their numbers. Any legit person calls can leave a message, it gets transcribed, and I can scroll through it.

Something I never imagined I’d be doing with a cell phone, but as there are no real protections for consumers when carriers will let callers spoof CID, it’s the world we live in now.

If you’re getting swamped with phone spam, what are you doing about it other than to block unknown callers? Got any better ideas? With the de-integration of Google Voice from Sprint I no longer have call screening and Google’s spam blocking tech on my primary, which is sad.

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2 thoughts on “Fed up with phone spam? Block unknown callers.

  • On Sprint. My cell number is openly listed on my website.
    I get 1-2 per spam calls per week.
    I dilligently report every spam call I get on donotcall.gov
    It seems to work.

    • I’ve reported about 500 phone numbers this year alone. Issue tends to be they aren’t legit phone numbers, all spoofed, most are VoIP overseas, most are health care open enrollment, IRS debt, etc. Does not work for me.

      90% of calls come from a spoofed range in New Jersey and are about health care. Reporting those doesn’t help.

      It all depends on how many people have your number and who’s selling it. As my number was given out for the past six years to 60-65,000 attendees at CES chances are I’m on more lists than your average bear. Not to mention the several hundred people at work who have had it and have been hacked.

      Googling my number it appears Apartments.com has been publishing my number in search engines, I can see some of the names the IRS debt people are calling on those people finder websites.

      Yeah, I’m just on more lists. Donotcall seemed to work for me up until 2018


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