Instant translation now on all Assistant-optimized headphones

If you weren’t aware that the babelfish was a thing now, it is and has been for some time, however it’s been previously relegated to Google’s Pixel phones with Pixel Buds.

As with most Google products, the beta testers (Pixel,) got Instant Translate first, and now it’s evidently available to the public on any Assistant-optimized headphones (on Android.)

Google Translations

The fine print

What’s a bit confusing on the Translate requirements page is it claims it requires a Pixel, and then says right below it works on all Android devices. While I’d normally wait to mention these, over at Droid-Life they’ve tested real time translations on an Essential Phone and it worked.

So if you’ve got any Assistant Optimized headgear give it a go and see if it works for you.

Real time translation requires a Google account, assistant optimized headphones, and an Android device. I have two out of three of those, so I can’t test this out personally.

If you’ve got a pair that work, ask Google Assistant to be your translator and follow the prompts.

If you’d like to play with a slightly less fluid sounding version, just grab a copy of Google Translate and go to town.

I decided to see if the Mandarin I learned back in the day was any good (I can ask for food and basically sound like a 3 year old,) and my Spanish evidently will get me laughed at, but Google can understand me in other languages which surprises me.

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