T-Mobile shareholders approve Sprint combination

SprinT Mobile big e1525097497513 - for some reason we don't have an alt tag hereLike something out of Marvel’s current Infinity Wars comic series (not to be confused with Infinity War, movies loosely based off of 1991’s Infinity Gauntlet and 2013’s Infinity,) T-Mobile and Sprint have received the go-ahead from T-Mobile shareholders to become one combined entity.

While I’d thought before that the name SprinT-Mobile would be pretty cool, I think that the obvious choice now is simply T-Swift to get rid of that old Sprint stink.

Just because Sprint and T-Mobile are 100% onboard now of course doesn’t mean they can. Regulatory approval still has to happen and some government agencies will have the final say in this sometime probably before the end of the first half of 2019.

Per T-Mobile/Sprint Merger info, although the complete merger could take quite some time, people on Sprint and T-Mobile could start enjoying the benefits of being able to use both networks pretty soon after the merger, which for some towns suffering from Sprint’s tower maintenance would probably be a godsend.

Now what happens to the 30,000 or so employes whose jobs will be duplicated remains to be seen. Larger customer base probably means not a lot of CS jobs will be lost, however fewer required towers mean fewer techs needed, fewer tower rentals means some of the big three private tower operators are going to be laying off workers, and all those people in Sprint and T-Mobile stores that are across from each other in the strip mall, one must essentially face Thanos’s Judgement.

But yeah, the perfect Infinity Wars thing here is going to be the two companies merging into T-Swift now that the bad blood is gone and T-Mobile is telling Sprint that you belong with me.

Side note, just realized Infinity Wars is basically just Amalgam Comics all over again, and that operating on two hours of sleep isn’t particularly helpful.

[T-Mobile Newsroom]
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