Tribit X-Boom 24 Watt Bluetooth Speaker review

Tribit X-Boom 24 watt Bluetooth speaker reviewThe Tribit X-Boom is a 24 Watt (2x12w) Bluetooth 4.2 speaker with a 5200mAh battery that can push out an impressively loud and clear audio stream.

It’s got an IPX7 rating, which to save you time looking it up is submersion of up to 1 meter depth for 30 minutes with no issues. The X means it’s not rated against dust.

Up to 20 hour playtime, 2amp charging, can pair with another X-Boom for further stereo separation, and it sounds pretty darn good. Supposedly will sound good for up to 20 hours however I did not test that.

So, this particular bluetooth speaker was a little harder for me to test than all previous ones because it’s freaking loud. I tried it in my front yard and could hear it around back pretty well. My guess is it’s about 80dB (as that’s what’s listed under the SNR,) however I don’t have a good tester for that.

Tribit X-Boom 24 watt Bluetooth speaker review

I’ve said at some point that most Bluetooth speakers cannot be expected to entirely bring the party, but this may actually bring the party. It’s loud enough to be heard in pretty much most situations, although you might have to position it strategically.

Tribit X-Boom 24 watt Bluetooth speaker reviewFor the size and weight this is dethrones my beloved JAM audio speaker in impressiveness, however much like the JAM stuff I loved it’s not exactly as portable as advertised.

While the product listing page shows someone putting this in their pocket, I don’t think that’s really going to happen. Portable yes, pocketable, not really.

Tribit X-Boom 24 watt Bluetooth speaker reviewTribit X-Boom 24 watt Bluetooth speaker review

Overall though one really solid speaker. Currently priced about $20 higher than I’d like to see it at, but these things tend to drop in pricing.

Tribit X-Boom 24 watt Bluetooth speaker reviewThe only complaint I had about this was that the Bluetooth range seemed a few feet shorter than I would have expected breaking up around 42 feet. That may have been my phone however, or the range may be listed at 30 feet or so. Probably not an issue for most.

Overall, loud, clear, bass is nice, feels pretty solid. On the negative side the Fakespot reviews are not stunning. We mentioned that with the XSound Go and it seems they haven’t changed marketing strategy, or they’ve got some bad luck with reviewers.

Overall though, very impressive.

Grab one at Amazon for $69.99 as of this writing.

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