Audew 10,800mAh 1000 Amp Multi-Function Jump Starter review

Audew 10,800mAh 1000 Amp Multi-Function Jump Starter reviewWe’ve covered a few jump starters in the past and the Audew 10,800mAh has come to the bench and brings with it some features we haven’t seen before (or at least I don’t remember having seen at this point.)

Among these are quick charging (QC3.0), USB-C connections, and 1000 peak amp power to get larger vehicles started. This is enough to crank most vehicles up to 7.0L diesel or 8.0L gas.

The 10,800mAh battery can deliver an effective estimated charge of somewhere around 8,000mAh to devices (when you consider about an 80% efficiency,) so it can recharge your average smartphone a few times (4@2000mAh, 3@2500mAh, etc,) from dead before needing recharging.

Audew 10,800mAh 1000 Amp Multi-Function Jump Starter reviewAudew 10,800mAh 1000 Amp Multi-Function Jump Starter review

The 1000 peak amps are done in a dongle device you attach. It looks like most of the other dongles we’ve covered with jumpstarters and has the same set of features (reverse connection detection, brief incredibly powerful crank power on demand.)

Audew 10,800mAh 1000 Amp Multi-Function Jump Starter reviewThey claim up to 30 jumpstarts before needing a recharge, which is most likely significantly underselling the product. However people tend to have a problem believing how little power is generally involved in cranking these things for the second or so before the gas ignites, or conversely how much power a cell phone battery actually contains.

There’s also your standard flashlight, dual USB ports coming in at 5V/2.4A, a Type C with unlisted properties that can both charge the device and charge other devices, and a 5V/9V/12V quick charge port.

Included is a USB A to C cable for your charging convenience, and a C to C in case you want to charge your phone.

I’ve checked their site for specs on total output charging rate and not there.

Paul complains about everything

Audew Multi-Function Jump Starter Wrap up

Middle tier jump starter, documentation issues, it’ll work and do the job but unless the pricing comes down a bit, it’s a little pricey.

You can get the Audew 10,800mAh jump starter from Amazon for $69.99 as of writing.

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