BedJet V2 Climate Comfort System review #1

BedJet V222 days ago I started a product review on the BedJet V2 Climate Comfort System. As of today I think I’ve got a pretty decent handle on using it and am going to give an initial review, probably to be followed by a more detailed review when I start personalizing routines and using some of the other features of the BedJet.

First off, I’m using this in single-zone mode with a single-zone Cloud Comfort sheet with one BedJet V2.

To do dual zones you’ll need the whole package and a dual zone sheet. Currently this is not a particularly enticing  option to either myself or my wife as we just move covers around as wanted.

She’s always cold, I’m always hot, and even in single zone setup this has actually really helped with both.

What is the BedJet V2?

It’s a device that sits under your bed with a hose that runs to a specially designed air-comforter (or straight in if you want,) and blows room temperature (cooling) or warm air (heating,) into the comforter. The V2 allows you to deal with two BedJets to set dual zone cooling/heating (with a dual-zone cooling sheet).

The BetJet is controlled either via an app on your phone, or by a remote control with a very short battery the likes of which I’ve never seen before (half the length of a AAA, same circumference,) and the remote appears to be RF, not IR so no line of sight appears to be needed.

The air comforter can be placed under blankets for optimum oomph, or as noted you can just pipe this in (although I would not recommend).

The V2 also has an aromatherapy diffuser kit should you want your sheets to smell like a summer breeze wafting over a bunny on a mostly sunny day. I have not used this yet, this will be reviewed next time.


BedJet V2So everything about my bed is terrible. I don’t have seven inches of clearance under the bed so they sent me a stand, the passenger side is right against a wall, the plug positioning in my room requires it be close to the wall or I run an extension cord, and due to passenger exit requirements (foot of bed,) it’s right in the way of getting out of bed.

That said, it fit, barely, and although not installed particularly right due to wall and desired sheet location, it worked. I had to short sheet my bed by a couple of inches because I have no side access and ended up hosing up the right sheet hole at the bottom right of the bed (as I have no side access).

Success! A short hunt for the battery which had decided to come loose from packing position and escape ensued, but it was there.

Initial setup

bedJet V2I downloaded the BedJet app and was greeted with an image of the remote control that I could use from my phone. The app has some more features, but I didn’t discover those for a couple of days.

I wished I’d had a separate camera handy at that point to take a picture side by side as I was seriously wondering what the deal was.

For your starting night I’d say just use the physical remote, you’re going to need to figure out what works for you with that most likely first before you attempt the biorhythm programming.

Kim’s initial reaction

Having a large jet-engine-looking thing attached to the bed I got an eyeroll, asked how much the thing retailed for, and then asked how much a decent electric blanket cost.

In use

I used it on my side of the bed for a couple of days using the (squish it to my side) technique. This was when it was about 75 degrees outside and I was running the AC because if it wasn’t the combination of my heated fluffiness and memory foam mean I don’t sleep. I don’t sleep when it’s hot.

Cloud Sheet

The BedJet V2 doesn’t actually cool the air, however it does have the effect with the air comforter of moving heat off of your body like a fan. There’s no major breeze on you however (Unless you don’t get the cloud comforter,) but the effect feels the same. Throw a blanket on top and you’ve got a weighted cooling pad. This was nice.

I did note that the blanket had to be pretty uniformly spread over the air comforter or you ended up with the air not moving as well. Not a huge issue, just noted it.

duelzonesmal f6063182 3683 4e21 8ac7 ea01eed47134 large1 - for some reason we don't have an alt tag hereNight one and two were the same. Kick on the BedJet, get to sleep surprisingly quickly, and then wake up at 4am too cold. Fumble for the remote, realize in the dark it appears the same right side up as upside down, curse that they didn’t put a nub on the heating buttons (or any,) switch it to 12 minutes of heat, and sleep until my alarm went off.

About five nights in Kim wanted heat. Cranked it to turbo and within a minute the whole bed was about 80 degrees. I should have gotten my FLIR camera out at that point, but it moved some memory foam temperature up very quickly.

We determined that even if we had the dual zone setup (Two BedJet V2s,) on our queen sized mattress this probably would not have been an ideal solution as the heat she would have been using tended to radiate and I’m annoyed by heating even if I’m a foot away.

After writing this and looking at a thermal image of two people in a bed I might be wrong. Not knowing what the temperatures are they’re showing I don’t know what level of heat leakage there actually is. You can see some shown.

That said, she wanted turbo heat, I want an icebox, and we did not actually have the dual zone setup to test. I just have to extrapolate from all the bedjet heat being pulled to her side.

At two weeks in

BedJet V2The BedJet was no longer mine. Well, not initially most nights anyway. We traded it back and forth and Kim used it to turn her side of the bed into a nuclear furnace, and then when it shut off after so many minutes I would move it to my side and run cool.

About this time I discovered the biorhythm programming in the app. I’d hoped that it actually had some feedback from external devices such as my Motiv Ring, but this was not the case (there’s still hope though.) What options you currently have are timer specific, but useful.

I can run my cooling until 3:30 and then drop the fan significantly, crank the heat half an hour before I want to wake up and wake up just like I want to. It’s pretty good, but I’d rather it had some biofeedback built into the app and that does not appear to be there.

They claim “…biorhythm temperature technology to help you go to sleep faster, stay asleep longer and wake up more refreshed. Program custom heating/cooling profiles for every hour of the night and obsolete your noisy alarm clock with a BedJet V2 temperature wake-up setting.”

Yeah, that’s about right, however this sort of assumes someone with normal sleeping habits, and as captain Insomnia of the HMS RLS can tell you, I’m not normal. If I were just hot natured I think this would be perfect. As it stands it’s pretty good, but with no feedback into the app with my heart rate, restlessness, etc, it’s just a timer.

At three weeks in

The statement was made that this was worth more than an electric blanket. She’s named it Beddy, which I keep trying to get her to change as we have a BEDDI 2 alarm clock 2 feet away, and a light called Betty in the same room. Like no, call it “El Jet” or something.

This so far has been the only time in my life I can remember in which I was able to sleep with my feet under covers. I’ve been full hobbit free-footing it for my adult life.

What we have not tested (yet)

  • Dual climate control (need another BedJet v2 and the dual climate sheet in order to test this)
  • Aromatherapy
  • Rigging up Tasker, a rooted Android tablet, and a biometric device to change heat/cooling based on needs

Paul complains about everything

I’d like to see biofeedback integrated into the app. Half the fitness trackers out there can send heart rate and sleep info over, would be nice if the app could take that info from Fit or something and act on it.

Remote control needs a haptic component so I know what I’m touching in the dark.

Remote needs a heat maintain button. As it stands Turbo Heat shuts off quickly, and heat requires the app to change shutoff times.

Really wish this were more IoT so I could say “turn the bedjet to heat” or insert it into my wakeup routines.

I’d like a flat air riser so I could get it into place between the bed and the wall. It’s a round tube riser that goes to a flat air exhaust so this should be possible. I’m probably the only person who wants or needs this however.

The pretty rare “just get it” (if you want it,) recommendation

Get it. If you don’t like it return it. They’ve got a 60 day free money back guarantee, if they don’t honor it or give you guff come back and post it here.

There are several options in BedJet setups, ours was the single unit plus the Cloud Sheet accessory. This puts what I’m testing in the $369-$439 range depending on if you’re going refurb or new. The dual zone is listing at $809 currently. I’d advise the cloud sheet accessory on the single as otherwise you’re just dealing with a fan that blows under your covers.

Get the BedJet – V2 Dual Zone Climate Comfort System with Biorhythm Sleep Technology here. Side note, that’s a tagged link so if you get it we make some commission.

After this last 30+ years of miserable sleep these prices are not in my “whoa” range any more. I’ve lost more than $500 in work in a month due to sleep. We’ll see if like many other things in my life I manage to build up a tolerance to it, and I’ll try and hit it again before the end of the year and follow up.

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