Black Friday Deals roundup

Today may be thanksgiving but that hasn’t stopped everyone from announcing their Black Friday deals early. Paul has a list of some impressive deals Best Buy is offering that’s worth a look and here we have a few from Olala, Azulle and other manufacturers we’ve worked with before.

sg1 - for some reason we don't have an alt tag hereManufacture Olala is a regular here on pocketables for both powerbanks and small storage devices. They seem to be targeting iOS users with their Black Friday deals. Starting with a lighting flash drive for a massive 60% off using the code 60OLALA1P. We haven’t looked at the id101 but we have looked at other storage from Olala and were pleased with it. that 60% off brings this drive down to 17.18 for a 64gb lighting compatible flash drive. Apple users will also be happy to see that their portable charger S102 and 1 meter lighting cable are being included in the deals as well. The S102 is 17.00 after code 54OLALA1S and the Cable is 3.99 after code 50OLALA1RO. Finally their Bluetooth headphones which we have looked at and were more than happy with are 50% off bringing them to 15.50 after code OLALA50BU.

quantum byte - for some reason we don't have an alt tag hereAzulle, maker of those fanless mini pc’s we like so much also sent in a bevy of deals. The original quantum Byte and it’s keyboard bundle will be available for 127.99 and 151.99 respectively for Black Friday and Cyber Monday both on amazon and on their website. The original byte actually predates our interaction with Azulle but we’ve looked at systems of the same vintage, they might struggle for some of the more intense things we thew at the newer models but are perfectly serviceable for signage and basic tasks. The much more impressive Byte3 will be available for 25 dollars off although this deal is limited to their website. The inspire i5, which is the sweet spot for the price/performance curve will be 20 dollars off all through November and December using the code INSPIRE20.

Jamstik7Bundle Website 2048x - for some reason we don't have an alt tag hereZivix who made the jamstick+ is offering discounts on their upcoming Jamstick 7 which we’ll be looking at soon. The jamstick7 is taking everything we loved about the jamstick+ and adding more frets for a better range. Zivix is offering a pair of different deals both of which include 50 off the retail price. They differ in an offering of on Black Friday being the Jamstik 7 Standalone + Free Velvet Soft Case and Cyber Monday being the Jamstik 7 Bundle Edition + Free Wood Jamstik Stand. In my opinion the Cyber Monday is the better deal of the two as the bundle includes a case and extended body.

a400 - for some reason we don't have an alt tag hereStorage vendor Kingston who’s been a regular for reviews here on Pockeables(and has more in the pipeline) is discounting something for everyone. Staring with flash drives they have not one but 3 different deals available. The DT106 and DT micro are both conventional drives that are on sale for the holiday. The 106 will be available for 44.99 at a massive 256gb and the smaller micro is available at 26.39 for a also spacious 128gb. Less conventional are the Data locker and bolt duo(which Paul reviewed). The Data locker is an encrypted device for security focused users and is being offered at 87.60 And the apple compatible bolt is being offered for 34.99 at 64gb. Finally PC users will he happy to see the A400 available at a massive 1TB for a mere 153.40 even as a budget drive 1tb of flash is hard to argue with at that price.

We’ll continue updating this as we recive notices and stumble across other deals ourselves. After we’re done with turkeys this evening that is!

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