Kingston DataTraveler Bolt Duo overview

Kensington DataTraveler Bolt DuoThe Kingston DataTraveler Bolt Duo exists for the Appleverse and is a Lightning-connected (or USB,) drive. It exists for that moment when you realize you either take the shot now or you spend thirty minutes deciding what pictures and videos you can safely delete because there’s no freaking data service.

Due to how Apple’s got things designed, to use this you’ll need the Bolt app if you want to record video or take pictures directly to the device, actually it looks like you’ll need it regardless so make sure that’s installed before you head out into the woods to film Bigfoot.

The Bolt software allows you to work with multiple devices, which is useful if you’re sharing the storage with friends on a camping trip or something, but not something I’d particularly demand.

Kensington DataTraveler Bolt Duo

Kensington DataTraveler Bolt DuoNormally on these types of devices I’d caution against using a hardware product for storage of memories that could be defeated by an iOS update, but this is Kingston, and while I don’t particularly use the phrase “a name you can trust,” casually, they’ve been one that you could historically.

I’m not particularly set up to test Apple stuff, I’m still unsure why this ended up on my desk but it did and then it ended up in my iPad before finally heading off to a friend’s who can use it much better than I.

During testing it functioned like I’d expect it should, did not appear to have anything noticeably meh, and did what it claimed.

Kensington DataTraveler Bolt Duo

Kensington DataTraveler Bolt DuoI don’t think you’ll be disappointed, and the storage space per gig compared to purchasing it with your iPhone is significantly less expensive. That said, doesn’t appear you can push apps there so you’re still going to want to have some non-bottom-barrel storage with purchase.

The Kingston DataTraveler Bolt Duo is available in 32, 64, and 128GB flavors for $34.99, $44.54, and $69.99 repectively as of this writing.

So yeah, works, seems speedy, decent price per gig.

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