Ladytron’s upcoming release is worth taking a listen to

For reasons other that I live in Music City and it may be required by law these days, I’m also on the PR distribution lists of various music agencies. In the past several years I’ve run across maybe one artist that caught my attention like Ladytron, and they’re up on Pocketables also.

So, should you be interested in listening to a preview from their upcoming album that really made me think 80’s Blade Runner style awesome, here you go:

The new album, also called Ladytron, releases on February 15th it appears. Damned shame because it would be the perfect album for this month. You can find your music service and what it costs to buy said album here.

I hadn’t heard of Ladytron before today but I’m spending my sick day at home listening to them on YouTube in between trying to fix the new theme problems and force it to work properly. Below should be a playlist of 28 or so videos/songs. Some appear to bot be, meh, you can use search.

Anyhow, not exactly something we cover but if you don’t have them on your radar and you like the synth heavy feeling of the 80’s and 90’s, well here they are. Looking forward to hearing the entire album when it releases.

You can read more over at Self Titled.

Photo credit Monophonigirl https://www.flickr.com/photos/monophonicgirl/6293110307/

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