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Logitech K600 Smart TV keyboard

A bit of a change of pace from the last keyboard we looked at is something more entertainment focused.the Logitech k600 smart keyboard was built to work with modern tvs and similar. The design of this keyboard is rather unique with bubbly keys and a round track pad in place of the number pad. Unlike other keyboard reviews I won’t be setting aside my model M but instead the azulle lynk and Lenovo n5902 I use for different tvs throughout the house.

Initial impressions

The packaging for the K600 is retail ready destined for hanging hooked at the likes of Best buy and Microcenter. Opening it up everything is laid out step by step to make instillation as easy as possible. Easily the most eye catching thing on the K600 is the circular track pad. Moving past that the keyboard itself is sub size close to the width of my 12″ thinkpad which is sensible considering it’s couch bound target.

Video Overview


k600tv kyoto overview - for some reason we don't have an alt tag here

The Layout

The keyboard layout is sensible for the application. It’s keys are marked for multiple operating systems making windows, apple and android tv users happy. There’s some additional smart device specific keys on the left along with mounse keys. Over on the right is a circular trackpad with small direction pad above it. I do wish that the right/left click buttons had been under the trackpad as opposed to on the left hand size of the device but they work well enough where they are.

Battery life

Battery life was actually rather good on the K600. In my month of testing with regular use I’m still using the included batteries that Logitech sent with the keyboard. This was using a mix of bluetooth and 2.4ghz connectivity. With a target design of 12 months

Multi device connectivity

This is a feature we first saw on the Craft. The K600 is capable of being paired to up to 3 devices using Bluetooth or the uniting receiver. By simply pressing 1/2/3 the K600 can change what device it’s working with at a moments notice. For an entertainment center with multiple devices this is an invaluable feature for consolidation.


The keys on the K600 feel consistent with little variation at all. Typing speed is a bit slower than a keyboard like the Model M(where I can reach 85WPM). Clocking in at 65WPM typing on the K600 was surprisingly quick despite it’s reduced footprint.

Closing Thoughts

From a hardware and software perspective the K600 is odd but well executed. I do wish an IR port had been included something we’ve seen before on more remote like devices. At 69.99 the K600 isn’t the cheapest option for it’s application however it’s ability to control multiple devices is an asset that could easily tip that in it’s favor. Anyone looking for something to control game consoles and smart TV’s will be more than happy with the K600.

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