The entire Amazon ecosystem is on sale this week

Black Friday may be 5 days away but Amazon is already jumping to put things on sale.

FireRecast Bundle - for some reason we don't have an alt tag hereStarting with the Fire TV devices we see some standout deals including the Fire Stick 4k coming in at 34.99 and available with a bundled echo dot for 59.98 or with the intriguing FireRecast(a DVR solution) for 234.98. If you’re big on amazon services and cord cutting that bundle is like a dream offering a 35 mile antenna, dvr(the smaller 2 simultaneous model as opposed to the 4 channel record version), and a 4k stick with the most recent Alexa remote. Not to be left out there’s also the fire TV cube, the console/echo hybrid of sorts coming in at a friendlier than normal 59.99

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Moving to look at the ever popular echo lineup(which amazon lumps in with Alexa devices in general) the theme for the week seems to be doubling down. Right away we see the Echo spot and show which must be feeling some pressure from the new google home devices that Paul seems to be enjoying as a buy 2 save 100 and 120 respectively. The original 129.99 and 229.99 prices are here to stay for an individual unit but these discounts make buying two of them tempting, especially for the spot. And yes you can mix and match the colors for that 100 dollar discount. The same theme is being applied to the Echo Dot kids edition where if you buy 3 you save 110 dollars, although the original 69.99 price still applies to one. Don’t miss out on the Echo Auto either (if you need an echo in the car? I don’t think I’m the target consumer for that one) they’re at 24.99 as an introductory deal compared to their standard 49.99.

61fTH8Uil9L. SL1000 - for some reason we don't have an alt tag hereNot to be left out Amazon’s Fire tablets are being included in the price slashing as well. Starting with the largest the Fire HD10 is being brought down to a mere 99.99 from it’s standard 149.99. Although I’d say the 64gb model is the bigger winner at 119.99 down from 189.99 considering the small cost for doubled storage I’d opt for the 64gb model myself. Just like with the Echo the kids versions of the fire tablets are on discount as well, 69.99 and  89.99 for the Fire 7 kids and Fire 8 HD kids respectively. And just like the echo’s these have a buy 2 save 80 or 110 making it effectively MORE expensive to buy a single tablet. Unfortunately it seems that like the kindles the rest of the fire family isn’t seeing a price cut so far although that may change.

VXD168 evergreenAssociateAds benefit assoc - for some reason we don't have an alt tag hereThe last big discounts amazon is offering is for some of their services.  New users are being offered music unlimited for a mere 99 cents for 3 months. Kindle unlimited is running under a similar promotion also at 99 cents for 3 months for new users. Audible gold is at a higher 6.95 a month however that’s still a steal compared to it’s normal 14.95 for 3 months. Finally Prime itself may still be just it’s standard 30 day free trial however there’s been a lot of additions to the service, including 1 day delivery just for the holidays making it much more tempting, especially considering that monthly payment options are available now instead of yearly billing.

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