Voting day in the US, couple of notes

Remember that Ballot Selfies posted to social media can get you in trouble. If you’re in many states it’s against the law to take photos or videos within the polling location. This evidently includes taking videos if the machine is changing your vote (usually a crappy touch screen rather than foul play) however I can’t find people being prosecuted for recording faulty voting.

Many voting places it’s illegal to use your cell phone for anything within the polling area. This includes reading this or playing Boom Beach while you wait for your turn.

If you’re being denied the right to vote due to any reason – name not being on the rolls, expunged, their screwup, whatever, first try and sort it out with the election official, and if it can’t be resolved demand a provisional ballot. Keep in mind if the fault was yours (EG: you’re at the wrong location,) your provisional ballot can be chucked.

If you’re uninformed on ballot initiatives that are included, be aware that you don’t actually have to vote on every thing on the ballot if you don’t understand them or have no opinion. Not everything has to be checked.

And that’s about that…

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