Fakespot’s top 10 faked Amazon review categories


As we’ve mentioned before, many reviews, even of the products we cover, suffer from some false review buying and generally fake reviews.

Sometimes it’s a case of an overseas manufacturer hiring a shady US PR firm they didn’t know was going to do this, sometimes it’s deliberate false testimonies, sometimes it’s a reseller just wanting to move product. Whatever the case, services like Fakespot work to locate fraudulent reviews and give you some peace of mind knowing that you’re actually buying something real people rated.

So, without further jabbering:

Fakespot’s top 10 faked review categories

  • #10 Supplements and vitamins
  • #9 Clothing (popular sneakers from Adidas or Nike)
  • #8 Hair loss products
  • #7 Anti-aging creams
  • #6 Makeup
  • #5 3rd party Apple Accessories / any other known brand (Fitbit, Gopro, Garmin)
  • #4 Phone Charging Cables
  • #3 Smart Watches
  • #2 Phone Cases and Screen Protectors
  • #1 Wireless Headphones / Earbuds

Which is why if a set of reviews seems a bit too good to be true, go ahead and hit up and cut and paste the link to the Amazon item in there and see what it thinks.

Worst case is you don’t believe that it doesn’t believe the reviews are fake/true.

They’ve also got a Chrome add in, but unless you’re shopping pretty much constantly I didn’t see a reason to keep that installed as every Chrome plugin seems to be more memory lost.

Source: Fakespot Press (email)

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