Got the Earin M-2 in and daaaamn

Earin M-2This is a pre-review but I’m throwing it out there because if you’re looking for premium wireless earbuds for Christmas, Hanukkah, Festivus, or whatever you might feel the need to purchase a gift for an audiophile.

I’ve spent the past two days being impressed by these. From the Assistant integration (similar to Pixel buds,) which is like slapping a Babelfish in your ear, to the noise cancellation, audio enhancement, lack of left/right dropouts, and the premium charging sarcophagus.

One of the most notable improvements over other wireless bluetooth headphones we’ve covered is they’re using a different technology to speak from the left to the right. If I’m reading it correctly and remembering my 2017 meeting with them, it’s MiGLO near field magnetic induction to stream left to right. No flakey Bluetooth ear to ear. No dropouts.

Third party replaceable memory foam earphone tips mean you’re not going to be two years into use and have a next to useless product after your ears have eaten the tips.

Someone see that you’re listening to music and decide to start talking? Tap either earbud and pause the music and you can listen in using the audio transparency feature. Tap them again discretely and nod your head and people will assume you’re still listening to them.

Earin M-2

The audio transparency feature functions a little bit like a hearing aid. I tried a demo of it when it was hardware the size of a brick. I remember being very impressed. It’s now the side of an earbud. I think I’m almost as impressed but need to repeat the conditions we did the demo in.

As there’s only one tap surface you do have to remember that one tap is pause, two is next, three is previous, and long press is assistant, but you get that after a couple of tries.

Earin M-2

The Earin M-2s also evidently pick up which is on the right and which is on the left so you don’t need to try to figure out which is which. The only issue I’ve run across with this so far is the receiver unit can cut out due to through-body/backpack transmission. This will of course vary person to person (I have quite the Bluetooth resistant body).

Earin M-2 specs

  • Driver: Knowles Balanced Armature Speakers
  • 20Hz-20kHz
  • 106 dB SPL +-2dB
  • AAC, AptX, SBC
  • Bluetooth 4.2 (phone to bud,) / MiGLO NFMI (between buds)
  • 4 microphones
  • Noise cancellation
  • Ambient passthrough
  • 4 hour play time w/ 1.5 hour recharge time. 3x recharges in the capsule.

Earin M-2I’ll be doing a review later on. I don’t feel like two days with them is enough to gush the level that I currently am, so putting them through the paces and looking for flaws.

You can grab the Earin M-2 on Amazon for $345, or save about $100 on the Earin website.

I’ll have a real review later on, but yeah, just blasting some Childish Gambino after way too much Floyd, REM, Soul Coughing, and thinking that I’ve found my favorite truly wireless ear buds.

Oh yeah, the charging case is actually just about the perfect pocket size to carry them everywhere.

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