Guest post: 7 apps that help you with your work-life balance

Maintaining a healthy work-life balance is a difficult job, isn’t it? The demands of work often impact other aspects of life. Individuals who do not take steps towards a healthy work-life balance, often find themselves in a pickle. Not only is their productivity hampered, but they are also unsatisfied with their life. Therefore, it is important to be proactive. Luckily, technology provides people with the means to lead an improved life.

Though there are numerous ways to maintain a healthy lifestyle, technology offers the best ones. Unbeknownst to most, various apps can help individuals in their pursuit of maintaining a balance between their jobs and routine tasks. Not only are such apps efficient, but they are also convenient and accessible. Everyone can take advantage of these.

So let’s have a look at the seven apps which can help you with your work-life balance.


Research suggests that reading helps to counter stress. Due to work and other commitments, individuals might delay reading an article and end up forgetting about it later. Do you want to keep track of all the articles you want to read? Don’t worry, there is an app that can help you in this regard. With Instapaper, you can bookmark articles with ease and read them whenever it is convenient.

The best thing about this app is the way it is optimized for mobiles. The articles are displayed in a text-only format, enabling a more practical and distraction-free reading experience. It is feasible to use it while traveling or during any other leisure activity.


Do you feel like it has been ages since you’ve gone out for a walk? And also you don’t spend enough quality time with your family? The current generation is spending too much time on their phones, which means that there is lesser time for other things. With Space, you can understand your phone-using habits and take measures to improve your usage time.

It is especially important for working professionals to use their time productively. Sticking too much to the device is not only unhealthy, but it can also hinder productivity. To make sure you’re spending the right amount of time on your phone, you can use Space.


It is amazing how technology makes it easier to achieve peace of mind. The various benefits of meditation come as no surprise to most. With the assistance of Headspace, people can meditate at their own convenience. This app has been curated to teach individuals a few ways in which they can tackle stress. Spending a few minutes on a series of guided meditations at Headspace can clear your mind and enable greater focus.

When working as a professional, there are many occasions when you might need a peaceful session with yourself. The beauty of Headspace is that it allows you to reclaim a mindful experience whenever and wherever you like. Therefore, it is clear that this app can be a great addition to your life.


Cutting down the clutter is quite essential in today’s world. While typical social platforms are full of random acquaintances, apps like Hookt allow you to focus on things that truly matter. The best thing about this app is the level of commitment to protecting the data of its users. Hookt allows you to communicate with your real friends without compromising on privacy. It is made by Airg reviews to add value to the user’s life.

When people enter their professional life, they ultimately end up networking a lot. So, it is important to have a safe app where individuals can catch up with their real friends without any hassle. Hookt is doing a great service by offering its users a safe way to chat.

Money Manager

Work consumes a great percentage of our time, and so we find ourselves in a situation which is not optimized for the best results. Financial planning is important to ensure a brighter future. Individuals may be facing issues with their finances because of their inability to plan properly.

An app called Money Manager can help individuals track their monetary activities simply and straightforwardly. This not only helps in tracking expenses, but also in understanding financial behaviors. Achieving a clear view of your financial life has never been easier. With the various benefits of Money Manager at your disposal, you can optimize your budget according to your circumstances.


Cozi has been named as the best Family App. This innovative app can help you to communicate your needs to your family through a single platform. It is truly amazing how technology enables you to be more organized. Regardless of whether it is a shared calendar, to-do or shopping list, you can use it for all. Basically, a family can share a single account and enjoy the facilities of this app to stay connected. One of the best features that Cozi offers is the family journals which allows recording of timeless memories.

We know how much time and effort a family connection can take. Thanks to apps like these that individuals can connect with their clan in a better way. If you want to stay linked, Cozi might be offering just the right solution for you.


All of us have been guilty of overthinking at some point in our lives. Sometimes individuals carry work-related stress to their home. Since anxiety and stress have the potential to exhaust people, they cause disharmony.

With an app like Pacifica, people are better able to counter overthinking, anxiety and stress. This app has a mood tracker, a health tracker and it also offers a series of meditation exercises. In fact, the app was rated as #1 at Forbes’ 4 Technologies Innovating in Mental Health.

Working professionals are often short of time and need to address their personal requirements too. Therefore, to take better control of your mood and health, you should consider installing Pacifica.

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