Happy everything y’all

Just finished a 5am-2pm gift opening/playing/movie watching/dirge (gifts can’t be opened all at once evidently, that’s too… gauche)

Damn fine rum
Have discovered damn fine rum. Don’t know much about it, but caught a taste at Frugal McDoogal’s and can’t recommend it enough. Side note, if anyone has an affiliate program for this stuff lemme in on it because it sells itself. Oh, merry X-mas I guess.

Things learned: LOL Surprise lock codes can’t be read by a colorblind man.

Lenovo Assistant and sister in law can’t work together to get the Duo working on the assistant I sent them, but we could video call.

Video calling dad / sister / nephew worked quite awesome on Duo.

Someone evidently got high on Christmas spirit last night and sent me some money. I will not object if you ask for it back. If not, thanks.

More damned fine rum
More glamour shots of damned fine rum

There’s only so much sugar a child can have before they begin to transform into a gremlin.

There are at least 5 unicorn toys in my house that weren’t here last week. Each one poses a different and unique stepping hazard.

For the first time in foreverrrrrrrrr
For the first time in foreverrrrrrrrr

My knife of tape cutting has finally tasted blood. Seven or so years without an incident, now I have a hole in my finger the size of .. actually now it looks like I got pricked by a needle. Ah well.

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I’ve just watched Gremlins and saw Alien recently… I don’t trust this thing any

The sheer amount of packaging everything came in makes me really sad. In one case Kim received, this is not a lie or an exaggeration, a mascara pen in a 11×8 or so box completely filled with bubble wrap, and wrapped in wrapping paper with a bow.

New phone, who dis?
Now fon, who dis?

The packaging outweighed the content by at least 50 to 1. I seriously think I could have fit 200 of those mascara pens in there and had room for about 500 more.

2018 12 25 10.19.32 e1545770314982 - for some reason we don't have an alt tag here
I got a hat and now can drive for Uber XL

I got some tickets to see Mike Doughty on his Ruby Vroom/Soul Coughing 20th tour, and some tickets to Bare-naked Ladies which I’m sort of at a loss as to why (nothing against, just sort of unclear on why). Kids got LOL Surprise, Hatchimals, fingelring, puzzles, etc.

Last night Maggie (not pictured,) needed to finish two slices of ham to finish dinner and do something. She came in and was trying to tell Kim (who was on the phone at that point,) that she was done… finally I had to yell for her “look ma, no hams!” and then laugh like a maniac because that’s what you do with a pun that bad.

Fun day… hope yours is as well. Feel free to brag on Christmas gifts in thread.

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