If you didn’t catch the Rudy Giuliani fiasco, here’s the TL;DR

November 30th, Rudy Giuliani posted this on Twitter.

Meh, whatever… he forgot to put a space after a period and .IN is a top level domain (India,) what’s could possibly happen as there’s no

Nothing generally however according to the domain registration information and the (looks like 12 minutes and $12,) work of “Pixel Riot” out of Georgia, for you’re now presented with a page containing this:

DT traitor - for some reason we don't have an alt tag here

And then in “old man yells at clouds” fashion four days later, he goes on to claim a vast Twitter conspiracy.

TL;DR Rudy accidentally created a link, someone spent a few minutes and registered that link and put up anti-Trump messages, Rudy claims Twitter allowed someone to edit his message and insert anti-trump media and is crying that it’s unfair.

Here’s an image of the tweets just in case Giuliani figures out he could probably remove tweets:

Rudy - for some reason we don't have an alt tag hereThe later instance he’s probably referring to involved the text “George H.W.Bush” which not having a W TLD means no hyperlink would have been created.

That’s about it.

Not a vast left wing conspiracy, just a guy who doesn’t know how any of this works so blame the media.

Keep in mind Rudy was/is the nation’s Cyber Czar

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One thought on “If you didn’t catch the Rudy Giuliani fiasco, here’s the TL;DR

  • Sigh, there was a time when we could respect Mayor Giuliani, that just fell apart this past april.


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