Mujjo stretch knit touchscreen gloves review

It’s cold, you’d like to answer a phone call without taking your hands out of your gloves. Mujjo’s got you covered with some incredibly comfortable 3M-“thinsulated” gloves that completely block out wind while acting like skin on a touchscreen.

Mujjo all new touchscreen gloves / Mujjo stretch knit touchscreen gloves review

I’ve used these roughly a month, not as much as I’d like to have by review time, however it was 64f/18c yesterday so it’s been a bit of a struggle to use them everyday (sure did when it was 18f/-8c out a week back.) So, in the couple of weeks of decent testing I’ve worn them here are my thoughts.

They do an extremely good job blocking out wind. I have no trouble with my phone detecting any of my fingers on it.

I was able to use and operate my phone with no issues other than feeling for the power button was hindered, as I would expect it would be on all gloves.

Mujjo all new touchscreen gloves / Mujjo stretch knit touchscreen gloves review

When it was below freezing, my hands were cold. I don’t know if this was the gloves issue, or my coat was not keeping my forearms warm, or what. A little pep in the step and they were warm again. Then they got toasty.

My last touchscreen gloves were some Head brand back a long long time ago. Back then they had two or three touch points per glove. Love being able to knuckle it if I have to with these.

If you know Pocketables, you know in my reviews I complain about something. There’s no perfect product for me and the following are the two things I didn’t particularly like with this set of gloves.

Paul complains about everything

The palms have some rubber grippy things. Useful for gripping bike handles, steering wheels, door handles, etc. Good in practice, I can grab a tablet or phone with no risk of slippage, I could probably Spider-Man on an inclined plane of glass if I had to, they’re a useful addition.

But they squeak when I’m driving. This may just be my steering wheel vs them, but I take them off to drive, even though they’re a remarkably comfortable driving glove. Squeak.

Mujjo all new touchscreen gloves / Mujjo stretch knit touchscreen gloves review

The second thing has to do with how the fingers are seamed. The index finger shown here) is double seamed in such a way that the seam is what I end up pressing against the phone and not the tip. I have to rotate my finger slightly to get the results I want.

Mujjo all new touchscreen gloves / Mujjo stretch knit touchscreen gloves review

Honestly this may just be how my hands come in, but I find myself writing and operating with the seam and sometimes that throws me off a bit. Sometimes the seam, sometimes the flat area.

I’d really rather they had gone the new-knuckle route and ran one stitch along the top of the fingers as opposed to on the side.

Probably would not have looked as nice however.

All that said

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Will that stitching affect you? Probably not. They’re fine gloves, they do the job right, and the only thing I had to be aware of was that I was wearing gloves and sometimes my finger was registering just a wee bit off where I was wanting it.

You can grab them at Amazon for $49.95, or on Mujjo’s website for $47.43 (there’s a currency option top right if you’re seeing it in Euros)

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