[UPDATE – Don’t Buy] Nekteck 90W(!!) Power Delivery Charger Review

[UPDATE 21-MAY-2019] Nekteck provided two chargers for testing purposes. After a couple of months the first one died. I put it down to bad luck but then, earlier this month, the second died. So, I cannot recommend these chargers. If you’ve already purchased one you may want to return it if possible or contact Nekteck for a warranty replacement.

The world is moving to USB-C Power Delivery charging. Everyone from Samsung to Google to Huawei to Apple supports it now. Different devices charge at different rates using the same chargers through a negotiation process that ensures that the device will get the maximum amount of power a charger can provide it. Nekteck has stepped up with an affordable ($30 at Amazon) 3rd party solution that provides a max of 90W and will work with phones, laptops, and more.


The Nekteck is a bit of a beast. It’s a 3.34 x 3.34 inch brick that plugs directly into a wall socket and then has a 6 foot heavy-duty integrated USB-C cable. The plastics used are sturdy and it feels like a quality product.

From a design perspective this thing means business. It is bulky and heavy and solid black. Of course, it couldn’t support 90W of charging power without that bulk. The only real issue with it is that some outlets are a little looser than others and may have trouble supporting the weight of the charger.

nekteck 02 - for some reason we don't have an alt tag here


I tested the Nekteck charger against two devices; a Pixel 2 XL and a MateBook X Pro. It charged both as expected and equaled the charging speeds of the pack-in chargers. The 6 foot cable is nice to have and really provides a lot of flexibility re: which outlet to use and where to place the device while charging. Check out the table below for details on the charging speed vs the Pixel 2 XL charger.

Nekteck PD Performance

0 minutes5%5%
+30 minutes44%43%
+60 minutes78%75%
+90 minutes92%92%
+120 minutes96%96%
+140 minutes100%100%


The Nekteck is a good value at $30 for anyone looking to replace a laptop charger. The build quality is high with sturdy materials that make the charger feel like it will last a long time. It might be overkill if all you have is a phone, but as a charger for all of your devices it is an excellent choice. 

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