Sense Home Energy Monitor now works with Assistant

The Sense Home Energy Monitor got smarter as of yesterday, and now has Google Assistant integration allowing you to speak to the Sense service.

The format of the request currently goes along the lines of “ok Google, ask Sense is my refrigerator running” as you’re speaking to that Assistant app. you can find out how much electricity you’re using (or generating if you’re on solar,) and find out useful things such as if you left the stove on.

As long as things are recognized you can ask Assistant if they’re on or off, and what time they turned on or off. So no need to wonder whether the fridge stopped working yesterday while you’re on vacation.

Toast Made custom photo etching Google Home wrap

There’s not the ability to push notifications as of this point to your smart speakers it doesn’t look like. So you can’t ask Sense to notify you through assistant, you have to request or use IFTTT or Stringify or similar to get that granular level of notifications at the moment.

Pretty good step forward, I’ll be playing with it later today, but for now I’m away from all my devices and for some reason Assistant on my phone is running at the blazing speed of a slug. Probably reboot time.

I’ve asked the Sense support peeps whether they could add the ability to push audio to the Google Assistant speakers based on certain conditions. The Sense units are little computers, and any little computer on the same network as a Google Home can push audio to it. Would be nice to trigger audio notifications as well.

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