The Pocketables way too late to be useful gift guide.

Got the wrong gift? Out shopping today because you forgot you’re required to purchase your significant other something even though they said they didn’t want anything and now you’re stuck in some consumer hell? Here’s some ideas from things we’ve previously reviewed.

This should in no way be construed as a last minute cash grab by people who make money about once a year off of blogging.


Google Home Mini

Smart Assistants are awesome. Google is currently in the lead and you can pick one up for fairly inexpensive as the major players are dumping them in an attempt to dominate the market.

I got a Google Home Mini for $1.08 I believe, and an Insignia for $19.


Paul can’t stress how much he loves the Earin M-2.

The gift of not freezing to death

Mujjo stretch knit touchscreen gloves can keep you toasty and can slap that smirk right off of Uncle Danny’s face.

2018 12 06 16.25.46 - for some reason we don't have an alt tag here
No Danny, you’re not being funny.


I’m not a huge fan of the Chromecast audio concept, but I do dig the TV ones. Non-4K chromecasts can be found for less than this, but you’ll need to google that yourself.

Chromecast 2

Home Energy Monitors

Was your significant other raised in a barn? Tell them how much leaving the fridge open, running the AC, and preheating the over for three hours before baking time is actually costing you.

Are you made of money?

Sense Home Energy Monitor

My lawn, get off of it.

Set computer to warp speed

Get an SSD – you’re going to love it

Smart plugs

You’ve got an assistant, why not have the plugs be controlled by it?

For Paul, this is generally used for things that are in hard to reach areas that the kids might want turned on an off. No filthy, no touch the switch.

iClever IC-BS08 (2 pack) WiFi Smart Plug review

Here are some we’ve reviewed. If you’re doing home energy monitoring you might want to make sure your home energy monitor is going to be able to handle the data from these.

Turn that engine

Need to jumpstart your car? Want to charge your phone? Into really sadomasochistic use of clamps? We’ve reviewed some jump starters, and I can vouch for most of them they work, it’s not rocket surgery.

Anypro 15,000mAh 600A charger/jump starter

Damned fine games

Spider Man and God of War pretty much kick ass. Only issue is they’re PS4 only and at least the second one will not be making it anywhere else.


I’ve also heard tale that one or two people might like Red Dead Redemption 2.

Don’t know what they like? Cash.

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