2019: The Year We Charge Our Dogs

Ever want to know how your pet is doing and when they’re getting sick before they show it? Well a New York Startup now has a small chip your vet can implant that can monitor body temp, ECG, pulse rate, presumably other things could be monitored as well.

They claim with stable health monitoring that 65% of all doggie diseases can be caught early.

The company’s named GotYu, so I’m sort of waiting on their bionic dog announcement to be some sort of … Gotcha… but who knows, tech exists that should mean this is doable these days.

They’re planning on adding additional sensors in the future.

Press release follows:

As part of CES 2019, the world’s largest annual exhibition of electronics, New York based startup GotYu will present the world’s first health monitoring implant for pets. Using a simple procedure, a microchip measuring just 5.8mm x 19mm is implanted by a veterinarian under the skin and will monitor body temperature, the pulse and ECG. Also, the team has developed a break-through solution for remote continuous charging of the implant from a smartphone or from the GPS & activity tracker GotYu, released by the team in 2017. 

Bionic dog

“Before, companies tried to solve pet health monitoring problem placing sensors in smart collars, however, animals have dense hair, which distorts and sometimes makes it impossible to read health indicators. With our implanted micro-gadget, we can achieve stable health monitoring and prevent the development of up to 65% of diseases The sensors transmit scanned information to our App, where it is analyzed and pet parents are given basic recommendations or alerts in case a disease risk is detected.  Veterinarians will also have access to the log, or the accumulated history of the health indicators. Of course, in future we plan to add glucose sensors and provide veterinarians with a diabetes monitoring tool, ”says Andrei Kashuba, the implant ideologist and CTO startup. 

“Thus, to the problem of losing a pet, which we solve with our first GPS tracker gadget, we added a solution to the health monitoring problem. The global pet care market will reach $ 202 billion by 2025,” adds Natalia Stelmakh, the founder of the startup, – and our goal is to make an absolutely innovative product very useful for owners of cats and dogs that prolongs the life of pets. ”  

You can test the health monitoring implant at booth # 52744 in Eureka Park during CES, in Las Vegas from January 8th to 11th.You can pre-order implants on the startup website www.gotyu.tech from February 1st, 2019th.

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One thought on “2019: The Year We Charge Our Dogs

  • Avatar of LockeCJ

    At 5.8x19mm, that is not a small implant. I would question how discrete it would be on cats and small dog breeds. The much smaller ID implant is easily found on my 5lb dog. Also, I would expect the size difference would lead to a much more invasive procedure to implant it, and they’re already talking about upgraded units…


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