CES rescinds robotics sex toy innovation award for being sex toy

Claims of gender bias abound as CES takes back a Robotics and Drone Innovation Award they gave out for a personal massager. You can read the complaints here.

Something they mention is allowing a sex robot for men but not a vagina-focused equivalent. I’ve been to CES for five years, unless a male sex robot won an Innovation Award, I’ve walked past Bluetooth connected vibrator booths, robot man parts, a robot saddle of some kind, and I remember the vibrator that connected to e-books winning an Innovation Award.

Why a sex toy won a Drone and Robotics innovation award, who knows. CTA generally doesn’t have product in hand as we’ve mentioned, and that would be more in the health and wellness categories if they were. Would love to have seen that argument.

Also why a resciended award that they knew was rescinded on Halloween is coming out hard out of the gate today, who knows. Probably to get publicity since they’re not getting it as in Innovation Honoree.

They mention there’s a room where guys are watching VR porn, there is. There’s a hotel room of sex toys. Don’t think either won an Innovation Award. There’s a hostile element against women, yup in some areas, not Innovation Award. Did a male sexual thing ever win an innovation award?

Interesting, but I think they got the PR they wanted and crafted a slew of arguments that overlap.

Biggest take away here is the Innovation Awards are absurd… but they do allow for ridiculous PR like this.

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