Nest cameras hacked to produce false missile strike alarm? No.

Heard about the hacked Nest cams? No. Well, if by hacked you mean someone got their username and password from another site and then used it to log into their Nest account because they reused passwords, yes. Hacked. Ooooh scary.

Nest Cam IQ

If you mean the service that Nest runs was hacked, or the hardware was hacked, no.

The long and short of the story is a family received a fake incoming missile national emergency alert complete with emergency tones and all playing through their Nest devices.

Don’t use the same password you use on other websites for your Nest cams, Google services, or anything. Seriously. You want your ass on the internet, you use Password123 as a password, that’s how you get your ass on the internet.

The family says they feel that Google and Nest have a responsibility to let consumers know this is happening. This is the family that didn’t know their Nest cams had speakers in them as a note, nor know to not use the same password everywhere. So take that as you will.

Anyway, anyone feeling the media is working to play up anti-Google stories lately (Nest is owned by Alphabet/Google). Or perhaps it’s really just a complete lack of understanding and that they’re the biggest target out there at the moment.

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