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One of the two Chromecast hackers bids Bye Felicia

One of the two Chromecast / Google Home hackers has removed himself from the internet for a while, here’s what he wrote:

4SGxlZgtwz6O1 - for some reason we don't have an alt tag here

Yeah, I will have to disappear. Most probably for good this time. Who knows? Maybe I’ll appear in 2 weeks on this same account again. No matter how much I write, I can’t describe to you the mental stress and panic I’m going through right now. But I won’t complain about that, because people will say I brought this on myself, I did those “hacks”, I deserve the consequences. But I’m a human too, don’t just throw away all my emotions because of my “hacker” personality. I don’t deserve to be thrown under a bus for wanting to help people, but I guess that will put a smile on some people’s faces.
But I will say this. There are still so many devices exposed to the public internet. Routers with default passwords, telnet servers with bruteforcable passwords, open UPnP servers (GOD DAMN UPNP WILL BE THE DEATH OF US ALL), open SMB printers, freaking LGTV/Samsung/Sony TVs, so forth and so forth. I had a huge list of next targets, some even with ready PoCs and code. I guess that’s all dead now.
Please secure your devices. My intentions behind this were to stop this from becoming a global outbreak, and I know many of you will not believe that such a pure intention exists, but picture your family being hacked. Would you enjoy it? Would you feel rested knowing there was something you could have done to prevent their Chromecast playing NSFW material or their printer printing infinite black pages till the toner ran out? No, I don’t think so. So I did what I believed in, what I felt like was my responsibility, and ran harmless “hacks” that would hopefully alert the world to fix their devices. If I’m really about to be hit with trials for what I did, then at least I know I helped the world be a little safer, and what I did will hopefully raise awareness in a lot of people’s eyes.
I cannot express the joy I felt after seeing the number of open UPnP devices go down on Shodan. Or when people were genuinely DMing me thanking me for helping them secure their office building of over 50 printers. It felt like the power I had was being put to good use, and I was helping the world become a better place with the skills I had. Why not have some fun while I’m at it? The whole TSeries vs PewDiePie has been hilarious so far and pretty cool if I’m honest. Seeing a community come together like that, it’s pretty cool.
Pewds, I’m sorry for the media attention this has brought your way. I genuinely love and enjoy your content, been watching for a seriously long time now. Back when barrels and Fridays with PewDiePie were still a thing. I love your attitude with media, your fans, and your genuine sense of humor. If people can’t understand sarcasm and humor, that’s on them, not you. (inb4 I get called a Nazi as well), oh and tell Poppy Harlow I said Hi.
Also Pyrocynical you idiot I tagged you a million times to notice me but you didn’t you unfunny brit (jk I binge watch your content with friends ily).
What am I going to do now? I don’t know. I’m scared. I’m genuinely afraid and panicked. I can’t even look at a terminal or code editor right now, it’s almost like PTSD. Not just because of the law enforcement issue, but those DMs spooked me.[1][2] I don’t know why they’re getting to me, but they are. I don’t know if I will even be able to sleep tonight. I’ll try to stay strong friends, I really will. The internet never forgets, but people do. I’ll be an old story in about a month from now. Up to you to unfollow or not. Under no circumstances should anyone be exposed to this kind of harassment or abuse. Even if you disagree with me and what I did. I’m still a human, I have feelings and emotions too. I’m not heartless.
To all my patrons and those who wanted to learn cybersec, the only thing I can leave you with is this:
Please use it responsibly. I’m begging you, be safe.
Also since I won’t be logging in anymore, can you guys recommend some nice happy romance animes (again I know) on #AnimeForHackerGiraffe? Don’t spam the replies in the tweet, please.
I wish you all the best, and to anyone I offended with the PrinterHack/PrinterHack2 and CastHack, I sincerely apologize. I was only trying to help you. It was never my intention to make you feel attacked or vulnerable or even forced to subscribe to PewDiePie.
Thank you for the laughs, for the support, for the ideas, for the good times, and for the memes. Love you all. I’ll be watching, keep up those #HackerGiraffe memes. Keep fighting the good fight, and subscribe to PewDiePie. Peace.
Shoutout to all my hacking/infosec heroes: @HackerFantastic @HackingDave @MalwareTechBlog ‏@thegrugq ‏@x0rz ‏@PythonResponder @Snowden
Shoutout to the coolest hacker friends: @j3ws3r @friendlyh4xx0r
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