Your carrier is selling your location information and other news we already knew

Motherboard has a very long and good write up on this (link at the bottom of the article,)) but the TL;DR version is if you’ve got a phone and it’s turned on, anyone with some money, without a warrant, can find you for a pretty low price.

Which, since you’re on Pocketables you probably already assumed.

What’s important the important takeaway here is that the carriers (T-Mobile, Sprint, AT&T are mentioned,) are selling real time location information to third parties who are then turning around and reselling it to groups that then turn around and sell it to whoever is willing to pay for it.

Motherboard spent $300 on the article, so if you’ve got a couple bucks laying around maybe consider supporting them.

There’s a lot of spokespeople saying that they confirmed that this was done incorrectly and shut down access, but it will still be out there on the grey and black market for anyone willing to pay $300 for a $4 lookup through a third party.

So yeah, if you’re on the run from Dog the Bounty Hunter, grab a burner phone on Verizon evidently.

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