GMail app updated just to piss you off, Steve

I’ve been in the middle of a work project for the past week that has involved a torrent of emails, so no better time for an automatic update to GMail to come along and make things wrong.

Rather than a change is bad article, I’m going to simply put that emails are no longer synced for me to my G Suite gmail account, or at least not instantly. This has caused some confusion that may be alleviated now as it appears tomorrow the app has another version releasing.

While the GUI is different, the top pics for reviews tend to indicate emails showing at the wrong times / showing up late, switching multiple email accounts less smooth, color schemes hard on the eyes, still no dark mode, laggy (may be the sync issue I’m seeing,) issues with creating accounts, forced search bar, and otherwise a lot of requests for front yard mobility.

I’m betting the functional stuff gets fixed fairly quickly. The UX/UI who knows. As Google just offed Inbox they may just be working on telling you what you can expect in terms of email now, citizen.

Hoping the sync issues clear up, pretty sure I can just wear sunglasses to handle the white background.

If you haven’t updated, maybe wait a couple of days. As a note, I can’t get a screenshot of the new one at the moment, long story, but it’s nothing like the images showing on the download link below.

Download: Google Play

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