Google’s Live Transcribe closed beta evidently not so closed – download now

A couple of days ago on the Google Blog a couple of new accessibility apps were mentioned as being a limited beta gradually rolling out to worldwide users. Well, evidently it’s not so limited.

Live Transcribe

If you’ve got a hard of hearing loved one with an Android, Live Transcribe can take what you’re saying pretty much real time and translate it into easily readable text.

There’s also a sound amplifier which I couldn’t test as it’s currently incompatible with all my devices, but it appears it functions similarly to some earbuds I have with audio amp, clarification, etc.

Live Transcribe is fairly straightforward, but due to the enforced security policy I couldn’t take a screenshot of anything or record the screen and show how it’s doing a really good job in a fairly noisy environment catching what I say.

These are two pretty neat and useful apps I expect will be discontinued about five months in and folded into Google’s translate program, which I expect to be renamed.

Download: Google Play (Live Transcribe)
Download: Google Play (Sound Amplifier)

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One thought on “Google’s Live Transcribe closed beta evidently not so closed – download now

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    I’ve been using this app, for a few years now,
    to communicate with my mother who’s almost entirely deaf. You simply speak into the phone and it does speech to text conversion. You can choose the size of the on screen display.

    It works well, provided there’s not much ambient noise and there’s a good network connection.


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