It was a dark and troubling time on Paul’s phone…

I’m prefacing this with I’ve been working on a rather huge work project and then had to go see Mike Doughty performing yesterday in Nashville, so been a bit scarce around Pocketables during the last 10 days. If there are any wordpress devs out there who know how to jam a top level menu bar into a pagebuilder row/cell I’d appreciate you to the tune of… checks budget… $2.50.

I’ll also mention I’m trying to type this on a laptop I’ve managed to switch off twice while writing so things are getting.. sucky.

I don’t see a lot of stuff on the internets today about anything but Samsung’s new Galaxy S10 line.. or as I like to call it the Galaxy SeX… because I’m 5. So I thought rather than covering that like everyone else is, I’d complain about some strangeness and see if anyone else is having it the last couple of days.

I’m on the Galaxy Note 8, will probably take a look at the Note 10 when it’s announced later this year, but whatev…

I noticed yesterday Android Messages stopped working when my phone was locked. I initially thought this might have something to do with the power saving options and sure enough messages and Nest (which rang me about two and a half minutes after someone pressed the doorbell) were both mysteriously under the control of Samsung’s battery task master.

What was weird was they weren’t before… oh well, unchecked the ability for the phone to put them to sleep and the Nest issue seemed to resolve itself.

Google mail continues to disappoint although it’s better. Not sure what’s going on but now that I typed the above sentence I’ll probably make sure it’s excluded under the power manager as well.

Apps have started crashing. Chrome’s locked up to the point that I had to kill it, then I had to reboot the phone because I could not re-open chrome.

I checked and Samsung hasn’t updated anything this week on my phone, so that’s a bit odd.

All the apps that are giving me grief come from Google. Most have been updated recently. Wonder what’s up other than Google breaking things.

Anyone else having everything Google going downhill fast, or is this just me having hit a performance wall in oh my god I’m 15 words ahead of what this laptop is showing this thing is a nightmare… anyway performance wall in my phone which previously was under-taxed?

Also should anyone have any clue why a relatively unused Lenovo Thinkpad Yoga 11e would run like a piece of garbage with only one app (Chrome,) running drop me a line.. scrolling up and down the thing is beeping because it’s… I’m like ten words behind typing now.

It is a dark and troubling time in my tech life…

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