Scam emails are getting pretty legit looking now

Got the below in my inbox today. Oddly it’s not uncommon for me to get legitimately misdirected invoices (there’s another Paul and another P* website,) I was about to investigate if it was the wrong Paul.

scam email with crazy return email address

I probably should have caught the “new bill are now” line on first reading but I had a hell of a night of not sleeping. Can’t catch grammatical errors today.

Checking the email address in outlook produced an interesting result I’ve never seen before – an obfuscated email. Preview shows as [email protected] — rrrr? Had the first part been two more letters long I might have bought it was a legit return email.

The actual email presented was: [email protected]@camplastics.com

scam email

Someone’s got an actual channel to correspond while masquerading as this person.

The eInvoice Connect and the HTTPS link are of course fake, they go to a hijacked wordpress server. The email address presents as someone from Tekniagroup but responses go to a probably hijacked email account in Camplastics.

And the scam goes on…

Best one I’ve seen this month. I’ve never seen the double @ email address before. Had it been two more characters long I would not have cut and pasted the email and I would have maybe asked if they wanted the other Paul.

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