SentryShield bulletproof backpack insert review

Back in August I was approached to do a review of the SentrySheild. It’s a bulletproof backpack insert that can offer the owner a small lightweight class III bulletproof bendable shield that fits in a backpack or large purse to get behind in the event of being shot at.


It’s not quite Pocketable’s vertical, but looked like something that might be of some interest (we cover phone protectors, why not people protectors?) and quite honestly I kind of want my kid in body armor and encased in bubble wrap some days.

What is the SentryShield?

It’s a lightweight Level III-A bulletproof backpack or handbag insert designed to stop most handgun ammo out there.

Sentryshield bullet chart

It should be noted that 1) it’s about the size of a backpack so you’re not dealing with a huge shield, 2) it’s rated for handgun and shotgun ammo and not someone armed with high powered rifles, or a hunting bow and arrow.

That said, I took it out to a former police officer’s range to do a test with everything he could throw at it last year.

Rather than step through each picture and what it entailed, here’s a gallery, I’ll explain afterward what you’re seeing.

The SentryShield was placed on a wood backing and promptly shot.

The first up was hitting it four times with a .22 from a small pistol. The shell of the SentryShield was slightly messed up but nothing noticeable on the back and no indication on the wood backing we used.

It was shot once with 9mm range ammo, twice FMJ, and once what I’m told is $2 a pop 9mm that he didn’t expect to get through or do better than the FMJ but did it to see how it handled. No penetration of the rear occured, wood behind appeared to have been tapped with some force.

Shot with 10mm range ammo from a Smith and Wesson 1006, and FMJ, no penetration. Board looked like someone had hit it with a hammer pretty hard.

With still no penetration he hit it at point blank four times with a 12 gauge .00 shotgun. The back of the SentryShield bent outward, the paper on the back shredded, but once again no penetration. The board behind the SentryShield had a large hole in it. Looked like someone hit it with a sledgehammer. You wouldn’t be penetrated, but you probably would break every rib at that level of impact.

Chris decided it was time to go past what it was rated for and pulled out a rifle that was well above specs listed. It broke. His rifle, not the SentryShield. Unrelated but we couldn’t see what higher powered rifles did to it.

He decided he was going to beat it somehow and pulled out a hunting arrow and arrowhead and finally managed to get through the SentrySheild at point blank after a couple of shots. It’s unfair as a note, the amount of penetrating force and ability of the arrow exceeded anything in spec.

At this point we ripped the thing apart to see what was in it and pull the ammo out.

You know exactly what I know of the thing now. I’m not sure how effective it would be in any situation, however as it covers a significant amount of one’s back or chest, it’s something.

You can grab one at SentryShield’s website. They’re about $130.

After notes

I wasn’t going to post it within a week of a mass shooting in the United States as, well, trying to not be in what I considered poor taste and, quite honestly, not wanting to profit from fears of the week.

On September 24th I posted it on my other blog and planned to follow up on Pocketables in a couple of weeks – I had video that needed serious editing also, still do, it’s a cursing masterpiece.

The post ended up scheduled for the October 29th, on the 27th there was another mass shooting (Pittsburg Synagog shooting,) I bumped it a couple of weeks, November 7th (Thousand oaks shooting), bumped it to after Christmas/NY. We’ll stop there.

This product shouldn’t need to exist. But it does, and it does what it says it will do. It might save a life, or it might give a false sense of security. Up to you in the end.

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