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I don’t like the advertising here. I don’t like it much of anywhere. I don’t like that our editors are not getting rewarded for some great content. I don’t like that I’m at ten years into this and still am at the mercy of PR firms.

So, here’s what I’m trying. I’ve launched a new Patreon for Pocketables and theITbaby. Honestly should have taken over the old one but reasons. As a note, if you don’t follow theITbaby that’s ok, I don’t either and it’s my blog.

I’d like to get some support for the site so that we can stop serving advertising (which is the only thing paying me back for the site purchase at the moment,) and enough income to make it worthwhile for an editor to post articles that are going to get them absolutely no commissions from sales. Seriously, it does not pay in time, satisfaction, or anything to fo 2000 words on why this thing was not a good idea.

I’m additionally looking at options for people who support us at some level a month to just not see advertising. But I’m not doing that today because reasons…

It would also be nice to occasionally be able to afford a product when a PR firm isn’t interested in dealing with us.

Right now there’s a not fancy “support us on Patreon” link somewhere on the main page (or here,) that you can click and we’ll see what we can do. I will keep the Patreon information on donations open and visible to the public until such time as I’m making so much money it’s embarrassing, then I will hide it and claim I’m making nothing. So realistically probably forever.

Additionally, and this is pretty critical, please be aware that at the moment everyone here is doing their own thing on Pocketables. You can support an individual editor. They’ll have their bylines with a donate or tip me from here on out. That one article saved your life? Give that author some money.

Alternately if you can get about 90,000 more people a month to come and start hanging out here we would be on track to be able to pay people again.

Or don’t… not judging. Death by a thousand stings is real and I understand it.

Pocketables does not accept targeted advertising, phony guest posts, paid reviews, etc. Help us keep this way with support on Patreon!
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Paul E King

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