T-Mobile emerged as the most memorable tech ads of the Chunky Milk of Super Bowl commercials

For the past 20 or so years there’s been a different kind of Superbowl party at my house, and that’s one that’s mostly focused on the commercials and some geek commentary therein.

Last night the two most talked about commercials in the King castle were the T-Mobile texting ones (which feel like they borrowed heavily from a couple of semi-famous internet stories, and old Facebook advertising,) and Mint Mobile’s Chunky Milk commercial. There are others, these were the best and the worst in my group’s opinion.

T-Mobile’s offerings

This next one, if you think you’ve seen it before, it’s because you have most likely from Texts From Last Night:

If you missed Chunky Milk, it’s worth missing it, but here it is anyway:

Nothing like associating your brand with rotten milk to make me remember you.

Other funny ones which you’re undoubtedly going to be seeing:

Amazon’s making fun of itself and those who accidentally order 500 pounds of dog fud.

It’s an app to keep track of expenses with a snapshot… errr… ok, way to spend that advertising budget Expensify… hope you kept the paper receipts:

Verizon had a number of advertisements about first responders, you know, the people who they throttled in a PR nightmare a while back?

There were a few crossover ads and one for a cop-mounted phone holder or device that all of us were wondering if a local commercial had snuck itself in somehow (and I can find no mention of the most expensive advertisement for a cupholder mount).

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