Today was not a good day for me and Nest…

I’ve been happy with the service, I decided I was going to subscribe to the Nest Aware service. This is the cloud-based system that stores your video and lets you access it from any time.

I found I couldn’t. Every time I’d fill it out it would say “please correct the errors below” and there were none listed. I tried different credit cards, I tried different addresses, I tried desktop and android version of the Nest, both gave me the error I had to correct something.

What I had to correct was the email address field was not showing up, it was evidently messed up in an update and nobody could see it.

Finally about 1pm CST they fixed their end, I was able to subscribe to Nest Aware on 3 cameras (front and back Nest IQ Cams, Nest Doorbell,) and bam.

At about 8pm in a slight sprinkle one of my cameras died. I suspected that water intrusion might be the culprit so I photographed everything. Did not appear to be the case.

I tested the cable, the charger, and what happens when you plug it into another charger… nope. Stuck a kleenex down in the charger hole to see if any moisture was there. Nope. Camera dead.

It’s not been a great day

Update #1 – got on with Nest chat (wrote this entire thing while waiting, they said it was a busy night) – jumped through some hoops and there’s a new camera headed my way supposedly.

Update #2 – I had gotten off with Nest support at 11:47pm Thursday (yes, they’re answering chat at that hour.) Based on FedEx email at 11:42am Saturday the Nest replacement was dropped off on my doorstep. For shits and giggles we’ll call it a 36 hour replacement.

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