Two weeks fully in in-Nested

I mentioned a couple of weeks backs I’d decided to go all in on the Nest. A little into the all-in gambit my cameras started picking up Tree Von Spookyface whenever the wind would blow. Here’s an update at 15-16 days in.

Nest Cam IQ

I’m feeling a little let down that the 4K sensor in the Nest Cam IQ Outdoors only streams to a 1080 video. I mean it’s pretty cool how when it picks up a person it enhances the area they’re in, but at a distance before it detects a person you’re losing data.

I’ve had numerous issues now where the Nest cameras claim my service was down. It’s not, and judging by DownDetector it was down for several thousand people as well.

Even in non-events I’m occasionally getting that the service is down. This is not particularly reassuring. It’s not my internet, it’s not my WiFi. But during these times it’s supposedly down I’m not getting any sort of notification that my cameras are offline unless I’m actively attempting to view them.

Night vision snowstorm

And on the notification side, that doorbell is neat but push notifications are not instant. It’s a good 14 seconds before I’m talking to someone if I’m lucky and longer if I have to unlock because on unlocking it seems to go to the main Nest app and not the doorbell.

So, not thrilled at the moment, however I think I can hope for a software update to resolve some of these issues (seriously, let me answer my doorbell in one smooth move).

Overall though I’m quite happy with not getting alerted every time a bird lands or a tumbleweed rolls through. I love sightline, watching what happened throughout the day and being able to fast forward and rewind hours like I was on an old school VHS or something, that’s pretty darn cool.

The lack of a wired connection and no local recording options do give me the shudders as an IT person… I’d love to have the Nest services and a 4K local recording that’s not using that much WiFi bandwidth, but oh well.. we’re delving into consumer security here.

I’ll keep my 4K motion activated camera with local recording in play for if the nest picks up someone and I need to tell whether they have nose hairs or not before they get into my driveway.

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